Item level in Forge

Considerable amount of my game strategy goes into planning for the monthly challenge events, including prepping by crafting items. However, because I don’t regularly have to think about it, or really want to go back and forth to the inventory page to look it up, I don’t know off the top of my head what level each item is, so I’m left guessing which items to prioritize crafting.

Could you put the item level on either the item list in the Forge or on the individual item list? Just their number of stars on the picture itself would be perfect.

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Cant you just look at the description of the item and see if its something you want/need/use?

Item level doesnt mean a lot when it comes to consumables. I’ll take a minor mana pot over a scroll of revival any day.

You can only use certain level items in the tiers for the monthly challenges.

Sorry, I missed the part about event planning.
Just assumed you had a at least 1x of the important stuff and could look at those.

Totally, I was just giving a rationale for why being able to see the item level is useful and thus worth the effort to code :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m guessing that you want this change in the Forge graphics?

Sure, just some way of knowing the item level before creation.