Item for the kill

Ok so everyone gets involved with Titan kills, so here is an Idea that would probably work for Small Giant and the players

Anyone who gets the Titan kill should regardless of loot tier be able to select 1 item (ANY ITEM) in addition to their regular loot for that Titan. For Small Giant you may have more players using more Titan Energy so more possible buys, and for the players, that “carrot” of the one Ascension Mat they need to ascend their Hero. Im sure the idea has been floated before so not sure if people should say shut up or great idea lol.

I suspect any version of a reward for the person who has the finishing strike on a titan would create some weird alliance behaviors where people try to hold off and be the last to hit — especially if the reward were as huge as choosing an ascension mat.

Keep in mind, there’s literally nowhere else in the game with a reward that powerful.

Even when ascension mats are directly on sale, you can’t pick which item you want.

I’m not sure whether this particular choice of ascension mat as reward has been suggested, but the idea of a reward for getting the kill has been, at least:

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Absolutely. Everbody would be on the hunt for the finish and not working as a Team anymore.


It is for this reason I would never advocate such a reward. Titans are about teamwork.


I don’t like the idea, because it honors only the last hit. What about everyone else who did the actual job? Then someone comes along after a day of inactivity and hits the titan for a reward. The top attackers get rubbish and the one who hit once gets a free item.

This would be very unfair to everyone else in the team and like others pointed out, would make everyone want to be the last one to hit, so they wouldn’t use their attacks when needed

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Imagine you have done close to 500000 dmg on a 12* titan, you are top in your alliance, you get loot tier A+, and that gives you nothing of value (happens way to often)… and then there is this slacker, who popped in towards the end, hit the titan for 5000 and got the killing blow, he now get’s to pick an item?

This is a terrible idea in my opinion. Titans is about teamwork. And the more you contribute, the higher the chances are that you get a nice reward.


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