Item for instant new titan battle

An interesting idea proposed by one of my alliance members…

We already have flasks for replenishing the three kinds of energy. How about one that instantly skips the wait between titan battles? It would be an item rather than a feature, so it could only be used on the occasions when someone has it.

It would be a somewhat-compromise of the current method that uses a fixed interval between battles no matter how quickly defeat a titan… a method that I know many people are frustrated with.

love the idea , but only a step back is that should be an alliance treasury or something … because is not an item that can be given to a single player … first we should present the idea to form some kind of vault on the alliance … where members can put their flasks … or special rewards given to alliances … just a thought .



I agree about the treasury idea. I was just not sure how to present it.

I do not understand this idea.

In our alliance, we like to go into a new titan with the entire alliance having a full load of 3 titan energy each. Assuming we have killed the titan after 11 hours - which we often do - then it takes 12 hours for all alliance members to have a full load of titan energy again. Perfect for the next one.

Please explain.

I think is of no use when you are fighting 5 stars and up … but in certain occasions … i would love to have this flask … let me explain … is perfect for when you split and form a new alliance …like happen to us … we where 19 , and around 8 heavy hitters … so between the first 3 we kill the 1* in the first 4 minutes , and then we had to restrain ourselves with a temporary rule of 1 hit to assure a piece of the pie for all … I even seat a couple out … in those moments really would love to have a flask that pass me directly to the next titan and not to wait the 23 to 18 hours for hit only once again … .Bottom line … when you form a new alliance with old heavy hitter core … have something like this can mitigate the only thing that sock from a move … Starting titans at 1 * again.
I still think that a vault to put collective stuff can be useful .

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oh ok, now I understand, thank you for the explation.

Yes, those baby titans can be slightly annoying …
My current alliance is only 50+ days old, so I do remember the baby titans and the funny games we used to play, like “who can do the least damage”? :wink:

I think our leader used to win, with like 3 damage :slight_smile:

I like my sleepy sleep.

I like being full flags for the next titan.

I really dislike (and this is coming from an admitted power gamer) having to spend yet more time managing titan hits.

It’s an interesting idea I just hate it :slight_smile:


If the item can belong to the community (since its purpose benefits the community), there is no reason why using it couldn’t replenish the titan energy for every member of the alliance instantly as well.

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