Italy – Recommendations for Where to Play E&P and things to do/see/eat while waiting on flags

I would like some recommendations from Forum members who live in or have visited Italy on destinations, food, and sightseeing you’d suggest for a trip to Italy…while playing E&P.

For the purpose of this discussion, I remind us all of this Forum rule:

As such, my questions are, ahem, the following:

  • I’ll have a couple days in each of Milan, Venice, Rome, and Florence, and of course plan to visit many museums — are there particular ones definitely not to miss and worth sharing with my alliance mates?

  • Are there other interesting architectural, cultural, or local attractions in those cities that you’d recommend to see or visit while hitting the Titan and War?

  • Are there particular restaurants you’d recommend I go to, or general local foods you’d suggest I try while waiting for my WE to recharge?

I’m open to suggestions on these topics for anyone who’d like to share, and am tagging in some people who’ve mentioned Italy in their posts previously: @JekLyuk @Artifix @FraVit93 @Elpis @Stryge @Robang74 @Rael @Witchgrazie! :slight_smile:

(Please reply in English, both for Forum Rules and because I’m completely inept in Italian.)


I have been to Italy twice. And actually to 2 of the cities u will staying in. They r obvious choices but ur question seems to b centered on what’s a definite NOT MISS. Here would b my suggestions

Cathedral of Santa Maria
Palazzo Vecchio
Gallery of the Academy of Florence. Tons of Brunelleschi pieces and early sketches. AWESOME! Of course the first one I mentioned goes without saying. If ur in Florence u HAVE to c il Duomo!

I won’t say the Coliseum because if u don’t make that a priority ur just nutty.
Trajans Marketplace
Not sure if open 100% yet but Nero’s Golden Palace.
Trevi Fountain
St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

U had BETTER HAVE PICTURES TOO!!! :grin::grin:


Excellent, thanks for these!

Yes, I’m focusing on the things people suggest highest, both because there are so many great options, and because I figure there’s a baseline level of touristy stuff that’ll end up on the list no matter what.

Your list is helpful, since these are clearly places that stood out in your mind and memory…

…and will all make excellent spots for playing E&P. :face_with_monocle:

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in Florence, Ponte Vecchio is a must - while waiting for your WE to refill…

don’t have any other recommendations, as I usually visit smaller towns, when travelling in Italy…
Just enjoy it - don’t put too many things on your to-do/see list - I like to just wander around and soak up the atmosphere.

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Thanks, @Witch!

I’ve wondered about venturing out of the cities to smaller towns, but this trip we’re aiming to see a fair amount of Renaissance art and get a taste of the cities, so it’d be too much to fit it all in.

We’ll definitely need to go back again for a slower pace more off the beaten path…something more Guardian Owl than Gravemaker.


Then you need to see San Gimignano and Volterra

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Hi zephyr1, you will be very near to me since I live in Pisa, about 80 km from Florence.

Well, you are visiting amazing places. I lived in Milan for up to 15 years, and some obvious places to visit are Piazza del Duomo, and the nearest Galleria with several shops (although some of the historic shops have unfortunately been closed), then Castello Sforzesco and Pinacoteca di Brera.
When waiting in the queue at the entrance you can quietly farm the map…

In Florence, you should visit Galleria degli Uffizi and Giardini di Boboli a park that is home to a collection of sculptures. Here you can have a rest and attack your titan…

In Rome there are too many places to visit. Piazza san Pietro is a great site, and Musei Vaticani are a must. I’m particularly fond of Villa Borghese and I suggest you to find the time to visit it.
In the gardens surrounding the museum you can have your revenges, and they will be memorable.


@JekLyuk thanks for all of these suggestions, this is great!

And I love your tips for farming, titans, and raids. :slight_smile:

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Of course we expect photos of you @zephyr1 playing E&P amidst beautiful surrounds :wink::face_with_monocle:


I know this is a dangerous topic, but for the best pizza, go to Farinè la Pizza in Rome. They have 7 different choices every night (don’t dare to suggest something else😂) and to me it’s the best Roman-style pizza I ever had!


What kind of things do u enjoy just outta curiosity? Museums, walking tours and more outside kinda stuff or… and I know this sounds weird… sports? Also I have to ask r u a wine drinker?

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I’ve been in all 4, some of them multiple times (i live not too far from Venice, and i’ve been in Milan several times for business)

I really love Venice, love Florence, like Rome and hate Milan.

  • Venice - Awesome, unique. The only other city “similar” to it is Bruges in Belgium.
    Rather then bury yourself in some museum (which you have plenty in Rome and Florence) walk and go on the Gondola (the typical boat, quite pricy but nice).
    Also i recommand to visit the other two small island (Murano and Burano). Really nice places.

  • Florence: also a really nice place. A smaller Rome, more calm and less “dangerous”. There’s really many things to say and to do, but you can manage to see all the main attraction in the guide in two days (if you are lucky and do not have too much people in line).
    You will be tired as hell after :grin:

  • Rome: Rome is simply amazing. Is a work of art, all the city is a giant museum. You literally breath culture in there, there’s no other city in the whole world such as Rome. 2 days are not nearly enough to see all the places she has to offer.
    Sadly, it is a real chaotic city, sometimes even a bit dangerous. Get in contact with some people who really live in Rome and ask them for suggestion.
    They know better how to avoid scams and see what really it need to be seen.

  • Milan: sorry, i don’t really like it. It is more a city for business rather then sightseen for me.
    Of course you can find rather nice place even there, but overall it is a frenetic city not really nice, expecially if you compare it with the other 3.
    Good place for shopping or take part of the “movida” (party, disco, locals, music, events and so on). Other then that, if you want culture fill yourself with Rome.


Venice is amazing, but the main island is too crowded for peacefully playing E&P, so I’d suggest going to Guidecca and/or Murano.

In Rome I did enjoy walking the Via Appia. While waiting for the flags to refill visit the catacombs there.


I live in Rome, my wife is from Venice, worked in Milan for long time and went to Florence uncountable times (it’s just 3 hours trip from Rome).

Starting with the fact that playing E&P can be done everywhere (so that we are still on topic :wink:) my advice for when you’re waiting yor flags to recharge:

  • Skip Milan entirely (there are many interesting things, of course, but they are scattered around). It’s a city for businness, not for sightseeing. If you have to be there for other reasons, do not miss the Cathedral!
  • Visit Venice for its uniqueness. If you can stay in a small hotel or B&B with a good view on the canals, it will be worthwile. Visiting other places besides San Marco Basilica would take time that it’s better spent enjoying a walk in the small alleys of the city (“calli”).
  • Florence is full of places to see. If you are into visiting museum, consider that one day at the Uffizi is barely enough. If you want to have a full view of the city, go up to San Miniato. The Basilica is worthing the visit and the view is amazing. Tuscany in general is a great place to visit: Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, … You just need to have enough time.
  • I have yet to complete my visit of Rome after 50 years living here, so I would suggest you to focus on the hystorical period your’re interested in (Roman, Baroque, Pre-christian, XX century, …) . Or just walk from the Coliseum to Piazza del Popolo and you will see pieces of history all around you.

If you are very limited in time, check throughly your options, there are so many things to see in Italy that you can get lost very easily and will regret later to have spent too much time on something while you would have liked to see something else.

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My last input because, and it’s just in case u r interested in music particularly but Milan is home to La Scala Opera House. Absolutely and unequivocally the most famous opera house in the world and the beauty inside is magnificent. I also inquired about sports and I know that sounds weird but again in Milan is probably the most renowned in Europe. San Siro. The history that’s been made there and the fact football is SO HUGE in Italy makes it a neat place to c. Those were my last recommendations. San Siro is not a must but kinda cool to say u have been there. I might actually say La Scala could b a must.

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@TheChef Thanks for the pizza recommendation! That’ll be a nice change for the heroes and troops from the endless supply of ham. :wink:

@Elpis Thanks for the insights! Murano is definitely on the Venice list to check out some of the glass blowing, and taking a break from museums to wander around is a great idea. I’ll look into Burano too. Milan is included by necessity since we’re flying into/out of there, so we’ll try to make the most of it.

@Basti Thanks! Sounds like the consensus is we should check out the small islands around Venice, I’ll look into Guidecca too. The catacombs in Rome are a great idea for waiting for flags to refill.

@Rael You’ve got them all covered well from personal experience, thanks! I’ll check out all of your suggestions, and make sure we carefully consider all of the options (for places to play E&P, of course…) The Cathedral in Milan is great to know about, since Milan is more of a necessity for the trip because of our flight than a priority we would have picked otherwise.

@EVA01 Thanks again for more suggestions, and La Scala sounds like a great addition for Milan. I’m not normally a big sports fan, but football at San Siro might make the list as one thing I’d actually enjoy. It looks like there might be a game while we’re there, I’ll check out the schedule more.


Ciao @zephyr1 and thanks for the consideration, if you’re Dante then I’ll be glad to be your Virgilio in this re-enactment of the Divina Commedia .
It is really a pity you have so much little time to visit all those placese, each and evry one of them needs a week alone to visit! It is my understanding that you’ll be in those cities just for a couple of days, so the general advice is to just take a walk in those citiy centers and look around you to see a big part of history, be it Roman’s or reinaissance or whatever :slight_smile: .

So, without further ado, let’s begin:

  • Milan: of course the Piaza del Duomo with its Gothic Cathedral and the area around there (Castello Sforzesco, Galleria, Piazza Brera and Via Montenapoleone: all the luxury brands are there). In the evening you can go to Corso Como or Navigli for a nice glass of prosecco while you recruit some new player

  • Venice: as already pointed out Murano and Burano island are a must, in Murano there are a lot of glass workshops, many of them resemble Titans. But in my opinion nothing beats hitting the Titans while drinking a spritz in Piazza San Marco

  • Florence: the crib of renaissance. While you’re waiting in line to enter the Uffizi museum it’s the best moment to farm. And of course take a walk to see Ponte Vecchio and all the city center. And drink a couple of glass of Chianti, it helps you find the best strategies in Alliance War.

  • Rome: my advice is to go from the Colosseo to Piazza San Pietro, not forgetting to visit the Fontana di Trevi and Piazza di Spagna along the way. And remember: when in Rome do like the romans do! This is your chance to fight your raids Gladiator-style while drinking a Frascati wine!

This is my last advice: eat pizza to your heart content, but do not forget to eat some regional delicacies typical of the cities you’re going to visit, there are too much to mention and too little time to eat them!

Have a nice journey and happy playing E&P while in Italy


Thanks @Artifix, great suggestions and nice use of E&P commentary. :wink:

This will definitely be too short of a trip. I hope to return soon for long enough for many more Titans in each spot after this first quest. :slight_smile:

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Continuing the discussion from Italy – Recommendations for Where to Play E&P and things to do/see/eat while waiting on flags:

Just wanted to show u this one picture. I wasn’t privy to c an actual opera or even collection of arias performed. Just a tour. But wow this building is breathtaking. I wanted to give u a glimpse



Thanks, @EVA01! Looks like a perfect spot for War hits. :face_with_monocle:

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