Italian versione of the game



Hello, I’m here to report that the mystic vision translated in italian is wrong.


Cheers =)


@Petri : A Translation for your collection. :wink:


Please update us here when you notice the change DeLouis, so we can mark it as solved. :slight_smile:


Nothing has changed atm.
I will keep you updated


Thanks @DeLouis, we’ll look into this and hope to get it fixed soon. :wink:


Speaking of italian translation I would also suggest to change the text of some chestsand other packages. When it states: “Ricevi almeno 2 dei seguenti elementi” could be read as you can receive 2x all the listed elements below. It would be far more clear to write “Ricevi almeno 2 fra i seguenti elementi” Is the same difference between the english terms “of” and "between"I think.


I strongly agree with Archmage, I was thinking that aswell. That I would get everything in the package at least 2 times.
“Ricevi almeno 2 dei seguenti elementi” this sentence is strongly leading to think that you’re getting everything.

“Ricevi almeno 2 fra i seguenti elementi" is the right sentence in italian language.

Come and be outraged with me, please