It was fun, at least for a little while

Oh dang! Good luck in your next projects… you are such a sweetheart, too much for this ■■■■■■■■.

Once they release the nons1 costumes and limit breakers me and my entire alliance are planning to record our bench destruction after we’ve watched yours.

Take care, eat healthy. Xo

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I was done the same. It was a very good decision.
This game start to be… to be a waste of time. I was playing this game for 3 years with 2 accounts. After investing my time and my money and the chance to recieve something start to be almost 0 i’ve delete it. Good bye and take care of your health. More important.


It’ll be here as well as your characters if/when you come back. I left a couple years ago. But, I opened the game on a whim a couple months ago and am having a lot of fun again. I can’t even remember why I left. Probably the latest mmorpg. Who knows.

Had 1926 trophies when I left and 1100+ when I returned Lol. The game certainly changed a lot. Omg, I can’t even get into platinum…and don’t care.

Anyway, dude, stay healthy. New hobbies and pursuits are always a good thing. Idk, maybe that’s in our core. The mind seems to demand new challenges and that doesn’t mean we can never go back to what we had once enjoyed in the past.

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That was painful to watch but I understand the sentiment. I stopped playing around 8 months ago. I logged in last night for the first time since going cold turkey. Did a few raids, saw all the shiny new heroes in action and determined the game has passed me by. It really made me think about what was so enjoyable about the game before. It really wasn’t the gameplay. It was always the people you met. I’m finished again. Best wishes with your future endeavors.


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