It was fun, at least for a little while

cheers and congrats for stopping something that no longer made you happy. All the best!

Ship me your phone, I will gladly do that at no expense.
If you feel like that you should do it ASAP.

@King_Kyree77 On one hand I’m sorry for the fizzled roster (and by this I mean your hard earned money), but every time I see someone fighting his addiction my heart sings in ecstatic joy because better times are ahead for him now he’s liberated.
I’m only sorry I lack the proper words to express that.

Stay free, pursue happiness and keep in mind that most of what makes us really happy has no price tag, it “just” requires effort. :heart:


And if they don’t delete your account the first time you ask, just repeat the correspondence about 15 times a day. Include lots of colorful language regarding their mothers and telling them in graphic detail exactly where they should install their next game update.

That should do it. :laughing:


Lol. Given their questionable record regarding customer service, this was one occasion they did as requested. :grinning:

It gives me a strange feeling to see these videos…on the one hand, I’m sorry they will be no longer playing. On the other, it is an oddly sane way to claim your own account: you can’t give it away or sell it; once you don’t want it, better to step into the pyre.

But I wish I had your cards! :grin:


What a tough decision, but a brave one too especially if the joy had gone. I’m sure your home alliance will miss you greatly.

Much success in future endeavours… Be well :blush:


Can confirm it takes just 2. After that… :anguished:

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You requested your account be deleted too?

I was bad. Very, very bad… I still have one.

Ah, ok. Not deleted on your terms then. :shushing_face:

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This makes me sad that it gets to this point, I didn’t know this player but I feel for @King_Kyree77 and so many others out there still struggling, this games becoming stressful even for vc2p like me, the constant money grabbing tactics that are shoveled out as QoL improvements is just BS, sad to see a fellow player go but I totally get it and wish you good luck in your endeavors


I understand the switching of alliances. Some in mine didn’t use war flags and now if anyone doesn’t use all flags they are automatically kicked regardless of reason and have to reapply for membership. Titan loot will be lost.

Good move @King_Kyree77 ! I always respected you as a player understanding the game and giving sound advice.

Enjoy your freedom!

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Best of luck @King_Kyree77. You made the right choice. I’m so tired of the bs.

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There’s a reason folks like me have been assisting clients in the use of ritual as a method of releasing maladaptive behaviors for many, many years. :wink::grimacing:

For anyone reacting strongly to these types of videos, introspection is never a bad thing. Be careful out there. :wink::blush:


How much money do you lose in the game? For me a lot…

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Constantly having to get the BUY BUY BUY pop ups to go away made this game annoying pretty fast since I can say sue me, I’m broke anyway, and mean it. I know that these games end up costing people more money than a full priced triple A game AND a beefy computer or console if you prefer, plus extras that could get you more and better games. Particularly indies by people who have a passion for games, not making money.
Addiction is a nightmare. Fly free :dove:


What was that old guy from that 70’s show, the father? What did he always say? I mean just take a break for a bit.


Congrats and enjoy your new hard-fought freedom! I did the same a few weeks ago with a 4800 roster and couldnt be happier now. This game has become a soul-less money trap. Take care and see you in the retirement cafeteria!


All the best for your future @King_Kyree77

It’s good decision if you are not enjoying the game anymore. Sad to see you go. We are going to miss a genuine person who always fought for game balance and never biased about any hero.

Enjoy your freedom :slight_smile:


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