It was at that point he knew

Share the moments when you knew you were screwed…


That’s me in war when I go mono


Oh wait, nope… I won that one. :wink: And that’s a 3-70 Vela in there, too!

Good gaming!


Why was that a moment you felt screwed? Looks like the opening board and there’s a purple diamond.


My team was 1200+ TP under, that purple diamond didn’t do squat. By the time I had anything to throw at Kingston, he fired twice, killing BT and Scarlett. Trust me, it was over before it started lol. Maybe with a maxed team, I could last enough to turn it around, but with that team, I needed at least some luck.


That’s a bad starting board but it looks manageable. My first move would be to make the purple dragon not the diamond.

This would keep the two bottom red tiles together and would give you a chance to make a red match in the 3 tiles that would cascade between them.

In case you still didnt get a match you would be here now.

So now I would pop the purple dragon, which would hit Kingston with 1 red tile, and would give me another good opportunity to get a red to make a match between the two reds at the bottom.

After all that, chances are you got a match. Since its mono, and King already took one red tile, he would die. Once King is dead you’d have a great chance of winning considering the rest of the team and your two healers.

Just need to find ways to make a bad situation workable.


Just because you can make a diamond doesn’t mean you should make a diamond.

@JLB_ep nailed it. Work the board to give yourself the best chance at success before throwing up the Hail Mary.


If my heroes were maxed, maybe. But they are nowhere near maxed. I managed to hit Kingston with a few matches, by the time he went down, I had only Kelile left. Like I said earlier, there was 1200+ TP difference between my team and theirs, so it wasn’t a serious match.

This post is just a joke about times when you know you’re screwed. Just because there is a chance that you may still get yourself out of a jam doesn’t mean it’s not comical when you bet the farm on one color and your color isn’t there. Try not to take it so seriously lol

Yeah I noticed that I just wanted to point out that there was a way to potentially unscrew yourself.

I’m not. I’m glad you can have fun with the game by taking on fun challenges and dont throw a tantrum when you get a bad starting board like so many others on this forum. I just couldn’t help throwing my take on the board.


That was a valuable advice, definitely helpful. I play seriously when I’m filling the chest, but once it’s deactivated, I don’t really reroll. I play every available opponent…kinda puts me where I belong.

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I like the idea of the thread, but not that we have to be screwed (also, the thread title doesn’t make that clear), so I’m going to take it a different direction.

Can’t remember if it was war flag 3 or 4, but the point is I can’t keep rolling out holy heroes, so I took advantage of the double red-flanks.

Different war, last flag, attacked a Telluria tank.

I guess it’s more of an American reference, but the phrase goes “It was at that point he knew…he f***ed up” (usually narrated in a freeze-frame as the person in a FAIL video realizes their mistake).

I had that feeling when I made the gamble to go mono red and it turned out a dry board.


That’s fair. Then let’s say mine are the moment when my opponent knew.

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Yes, that works. I think the perfect one would be when Isarnia’s special goes off and everyone has Riposte. That’d be a laugh.

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Heimdall is ready for New Year’s Eve!

Heh, just struck me as funny… looks like he’s wearing a party hat and puffing on a noisemaker. :wink:

Good gaming!


Wow. Now I’m always going to think of him this way. Which is excellent. I guess I’ll also have to always field him with Mother North / Santa Claus / Buddy too.

I’d have just started with better tiles. That way you wouldn’t have had to play the round with bad tiles.


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