It was a dark and stormy night filled with cliches

“You’re gunna laugh when I tell you this one.” Zeline chuckled, as she sipped her mocha chai latte with double cream.
“Because it’s filled with cliches… but I assure you that it is all true.”

"It was night time when it happened, but not just any night, a stormy night with lots of hail the size of Agwe’s eyeballs, seshat you not! I was hanging with my bestie Natalya gabbing about our lovers, commenting on the storm and getting totes wasted on Kiril’s special brew. Maxin the chillaxin, right? Then I start to suspect that my current thing was her ex-thing and it’s like we realized it together. Nat was literally started tossin daggers at that moment… Ok ok, maybe not really real daggers, but she was piisssed. We got into it and then my phone goes off… Of course my god… It’s Colen. Sees his pic come up… you know the one… with the hair and the stare and the axe and the oh-my-bod… No hiding who at that point. You know what she did? She slapped the phone out of my hand and it shattered on the wall! She was hella mad, so I got outta there in a blinding flash, right? No joke, she’d been my bestie for YEARS… Then just like that… she doesn’t even talk, just reacts. I always knew that she had a fiery temper, it’s why I liked her and thought we went so well together. I was always able to talk her down, cool her off… but after all this time I realized that she just spent her time sucking the life out of me.

As for Colen? God he was pretty but… soooo self-absorbed. You know what he was doing? He was calling me to dump be because he had to go “FIND himself…” What a tool.

Anyway… After I left Nat’s house, I flew off to Greg’s house and he let me vent. He’s totes on my side, right? Then he tells me about how he and Chao were thinking of adopting. I said it was about time, those two make such a great couple. Chao has a very calming effect on people that keeps them from going off, which is good because Greg’s got a sharp wit that gets everyone riled up.

Anyway… thanks for listening. Just a lesson to anyone, to take care of yourselves and don’t let those around you suck the life out of you."


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