It should be "0" not "-0" – when losing no trophies from Raids

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See :wink:

But seriously, they should fix this :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is intended to be a signed zero. It’s just saying that cups were reduced by 0. They could just as correctly put +0, of course (cups increased by zero). Just putting zero there would be confusing, perhaps, as you always get a Ξ”πŸ† for any other result.

Yeah I didn’t mean to be really serious. Sure it’s a bug, but not a big one :wink:

It probably depends on which direction the sum approaches zero whether it gets a β€œ+” or a β€œ-”. Most recent first in this case would be -40 +15 +25 = -0

It’s likely a formatting issue rather than a bug.

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