It seems there's a problem with War alliance score

Alliance War score stay the same value if a player subscrite or not to alliance war. Or it seems to be normal that only players participating to the war contribute to alliance War score for ennemy rechearch. Please help me to understand.

A player who is opted out of war should not contribute to the war score.

That’s what I think but war score keep the same value either I subsrite to war or not, even if I reboot the game after changing option.

Please, did you check on your own account the problem I told you ? On Last war, we had few players out of war including a huge level 57, we had a bigger war score, but in fact, ennemy was much more powerfull than us and we took 3 revivals and couldn’t do anyone. Never seen such a big difference before…

ok please cancel this post I just didn’t wait enough time for the change occurs. Sorry about taking your time and thanks for your job.


Actually, almost all of us here are players just like you. The forum is mainly for players to talk with and help other players. Small Giant staff do read posts and occasionally comment, but that’s not the main purpose of the forum.

I’m glad you saw the score update, and that everything is working correctly! I’ll close the thread for you.


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