It’s war against Global Titan Slayers


@PM229 @sparksue @HorstVomForst seems like we are fighting you guys! I will posts videos of my fights against you in this thread (unless it’s not the sort of thing that the forum accepts? ) looks like you have a slight power advantage over us. Cheers and Goodluck


Let’s get em @ochartier

It will either be glorious victory or a renowned defeat to a strong opponent. Either way, let’s do this !


Guys have fun…not so sure who is strongest. Our boss @PM229 will kick arses but not everyone is as tough lol


Is there any of you who has the means to record a couple of fights? We always dreamed of seeing how our defense teams does in an attack.

I will post my 6 hits for you to see and I’m sure @Talakas1 and @princess1 and a few others will do the same.


Hard to fight against a friendly alliance … hold on, I think that’s part of their strategy. Very clever :wink:


I will post the fights too, please slayers make some video, i want to see my in action.

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Hi TheRuthlessWarrior Team! Look forward playing against you guys.
Apologize abt this as we don’t really make videos during wars. And best of luck!
May we have one of the most exciting war we had with you guys. :slight_smile:


As long as both alliances are game for it, and it’s not shaming anyone, then yes, absolutely allowed and encouraged! :slight_smile:

Hope it’s an exciting War!


I will post my videos also today evening :slight_smile: as @Infinite, @princess1 and @ochartier. Cheers

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Red tanks vs red tanks :open_mouth:

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Here are my 2 attacks on @sparksue , i was pretty unlucky on blue tiles


Attack on Mighty Juggler

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@ochartier interesting that all 3 three flags you used are in mono and it’s work at time if play well.
Great win on both of us as well. :+1:


Nice work on the yellow mono attack. The key was getting Kage with the four tile match that charged everyone. Good luck there, but we’ll played too!

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Yeah for now my best options is to attack with 5 mono teams. In about 1 month when I have my 6th maxed team of 4-5stars I will be able to switch to 3-2 attacks and it should slightly improve my results

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Fight against Ribs012

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Fight against Arp

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