It’s time to talk about chat/game bans


I keep seeing people complaining about being chat banned for minor infractions. I’ve seen people have their account banned for repeated chat “violations”. Is a minor spamming of chat really ban worthy?? I think that the developers need to clearly state in the banner of each chat room what is and isn’t acceptable. If recruiting is no longer allowed in a room where it’s been the norm for 2+ years, then put it in the banner announcement. If you want to change a behavior, communication is key. Banning someone for chat violations, outside of abusive or profane behavior, seems excessive and unnecessary.

I also think that the developers should investigate those who repeatedly report people for minor infractions instead using the block feature. The report feature has become the tool of bullies for personal vendettas rather than being used as intended. Without proper vetting of the complaints and communication to the players, you are enabling the bullies to use this feature for their twisted pleasure. Using the report feature repeatedly should also be ban worthy.

As a community, we need to do better. Block someone if they annoy you. Unless someone is being abusive or profane, the report feature should not be your first option. Good people have quit this game because they have been targeted and repeatedly reported. Developers, please regulate the report feature for the benefit of the community and remove it from the hands of the bullies.

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