It’s time to nerf Anne

I hate saying this, but since you are nerfing weaker heros, it is time to nerf Anne. Jove was already much weaker than Anne, yet he got nerfed. He hit one for decent damage and very little damage to everyone else. Anne hits 3 hard, then two about the same as Jove. If Jove stays nerfed, Anne has to be nerfed.

Anne is not even that good in today’s standards. Honestly weaker than Jove. Easily countered if you have a decent setup


Stop all post release nerfs…


Please stop and learn how to counter the heroes you don’t like.


Find ways to counter heroes.

It’s also ok to lose battles…. So called top rosters also lose many battles….

Calling for nerf won’t solve anything…. & comparison with Jove current status had me :rofl::man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

I don’t have either of them, deal with both of them….and it’s fine…. Coz, I remember / remind myself, this is a game…:bangbang:

Cheers :bangbang:


It will be soon. They need to make sales in this portal first then only they will nerf her and others in the portal…

this. Getting a bit tired of asking for nerfs. Come on. It has no sense for this game.

having said this, I rather face a thousand Anne’s then a hundred Joves. Jove was defintely much stronger dan Anne. And Anne her stats are already a little obsolete.

Post nerfs are the silent killers of this game.

You give an inch, they take a mile. It’s not just anne, now every hero who is personally deemed problematic needs to be nerfed

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Nerf, no nerf, nobody really cares… either way, some people will cheer some would boo, for a while and then all of them forget about it. The game would be much much better if the devs kept ballance in mind since day one and lthe difference between S5 and S1 heroes would be close to zero.

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Why nerf. All heroes have their weak points. I use Lewena for Anne and it is doing great. Also Hathor for immunity. Counter attack, reflect, dodge, taunt. All of those kind of heroes are useful. Only think that is OP at heroes is undispellable buff and when one hero is healer, supporter, deadly machine and has insanly strong stats. Anne is only killing machine.

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How does Lewena counter Anne?

She can not revive milion times :grin::grin::grin:


Ohh yeah that’s the worrisome part of Anne haha good one :+1: