It’s just getting ridiculous

You’re deliberately missing the point.

I get it. I’d be salty too because you’re right, I don’t know that you could have set yourself up better for a win in that circumstance. Unfortunately, that’s just what happens sometimes when there’s that kind of difference in power levels between teams and heroes. Here’s to hoping you’re able to obtain the necessary heroes, mats and emblems to close that gap in the near future.


Nobody responding to you is missing your point. Your point is flawed and incorrect.

You did a lot right (or had a great board or both) to get to that position. That you still lost shows why stronger teams matter, not that emblems are killing the game.

Can you post a screen shot of your team including your troops? I suspect that’s as big a factor in the difference between your teams as the emblems…

Sure here’s a pic. The purple troops are like that to make the 4* charge in 9 tiles.

4.8k TP all +20 & lvl30 troops can be killed with an all +20 epic costumed team.

There always will be about 40% luck of the board.

Yesterday eve I got only 8 kills of 6 raid flags. Today I killed 8 heavy teams in a row.

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His troops are collectively 70 levels higher than yours. THAT is an enormous factor in your loss. Take away emblems from both sides… Unfortunately, you still lose the same way because his troops are incredible.

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Can you post that defence with troops and emblems too?

The one you attacked, i mean.

Nvm, saw now.

No I don’t think that’s true. I think emblems adding 100’s of additional def and hp are why I lost that. Kingston did a good job to debuff my heroes attack but that green diamond should still be killing the front 3 heroes resulting in a win. Everybody has high level troops, it’s totally normal and yes they help make a team tougher but it’s emblems that are making dream situations still a loss. It’s bull :poop:

Ursel just got 1 of those green tiles, but Guin could have been dead by 3 tiles.

Yeah plus Lianna hit ursena first, with 2 defense down

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You are facing a full paid team, the best of the best, the most wanted ones, with Tiburtus, Rigard and Lyanna no effect
and you thing you’ll win :joy:

Emblems did the difference same as high level troops did before emblems.

When you fought back then a 5* with high troops, your low levels suffered from it.
Now emblems do pretty much the same difference.

That is an amazing war team and you did pretty well against a much stronger opponent.
You should be proud.

If emblems doesn’t mean anything in terms of advantage, no one would care about them.

Emblems are the new meta to “show your muscles”.
Even losing a raid with that good board is what i expect to happen and i don’t find it strange.

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6 teams already at 4200…

It sucks to lose. But tryin to swing above your strength, it happens more times than not


Just FYI, the two defense down does not play any role when hitting with special skills. When you hit Ursena with Lianna it will only take into consideration the green elemental defense down. The double defense down works only for tile damage. :slight_smile:

That’s interesting, I often run into this and don’t really know, which def down will count for what.

There are slashes equals tile damage and special hits.

Any info out there about this?

Yes but it shouldn’t have happened this time. It’s crazy.

Impressive team 4 sure

Actually, for someone who can move tiles in his/her mind for the next 2-3 turns, the first move is obvious. The horizontal 3 red tiles from the left. The game would have been won easily. The purpose for doing this is to make space for the purples in the next move. Which is green diamond. Which destroys everything in centre and left with the green and purple cascades (because the left purple may match now on falling) and all heroes are charged. And Ursena couldn’t finish them all, especially those with less than half HP.

Here it is about skills, this is the ugly truth. A very good player wouldn’t rush in key moments and is able to think 2-3 moves ahead, like in chess.

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Ok well would you have even made the green diamond to begin with? This is what the board looked like 2 moves before I was able to make the green diamond. When I did pop it instead of making the red move I expected it to kill the front 3