It’s decision time again

Just finished up a few heroes and would love to get everyone’s thoughts on if I am on right path and who to work on next. I have mats for at least one of each color and maybe more. I don’t mind moving emblems if needed. Should I change my D? Who of each color should I make priority for other attack teams for war, events, titans, etc… I tend to attack rainbow, 3-2, or 3-1-1 as a preference.

Current Defense team:
Sartana+6, Skadi+9, Telly+18, Odin+2, Gravemaker+14

Other Maxed Reds:
Gormek+19, BT+20 wcb, Wilbur+6, Sumitomo

Reds debating leveling:
Vanda, Tyr, Marg, JF, Noor, Scarlett, Colten, Sumle, Khagan, Shadereave, Lance

Other Maxed Green:
Horghall+6, C-Melendor+20, Lianna, Bryn, Peters, Caedmon.

Greens debating leveling:
Kingston, Marg, Elk, Kash+c, Little J+c, Gobbler, Almur

Other Max Blues:
CKiril+20, Snow, Lord Loki, Sonya+c, Triton

Blues debating leveling:
Richard, Magni, Isarnia, Mire, Boril+c, Grimm, Jott, Frank, Saphire, Cap of Diamonds.

Other max yellow:
Bai+14, Joon+9, Guillinbursti+19, Li+c, Wu, Danz, Chao

Yellows debating leveling:
Neith, Hu, Justice, Viv, Mist

Other max purple:
CRig+19, Khiona, Proteus+18, CTibs, Merlin, Sabina

Purple debating leveling:
Domitia, Myztero, Zulag, Quintus, Stonecleave, Fura, Proteusx2, Cheshire Cat, Jabbar, Cyprian.

Thanks everyone in advance for your help. This it a great community and I love getting everyone’s thoughts.

Your team should be made up of different colors. This reduces your risk of being eaten.

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Red: Vanda for very fast protect on offense, Tyr or Marjana for sniper offense.
Scarlett for additional tile damage titan.

Green: Kingston and Almur 1st no contest.

Blue: Grimm, 2nd Kiril, Boril, Magni, Frank

Yellow: Mist, Neith

Purple: 2nd Proteus, 2nd Rigard, 2nd Tiburtus, Cyprian


Mariana, Almur , boril ,Sis , rigard …
I think it will be a hard team to beat. :blush:

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You like Vanda or Tyr better, obviously costume chamber in 2 weeks could change a lot, not holding my breath on pirates this week.

That team is vastly easier to kill than his current defense.

My recommendation?

Sartana, GM, Odin, Magni, Lianna

Odin can be a fearsome tank.


It is already:

No, it’s not.

Heed @jinbatsu’s suggestions:

As a general rule, most players are inclined to have their defensive legendary heroes get the most emblems, at least to +18 or +19. To have the best defense, you need to have Frigg and/or costumed Kadilen and/or Zeline and/or Francine (for green), Odin and/or Drake Fong (for yellow), Cobalt and/or Finley (for blue), Onyx and/or Killhare and/or Jabberwock and/or Bera and/or Freya (for purple), Garnet or Black Knight (for red tank). And even them fully emblemed for defense, it is still NOT unbeatable. But with what you have, you may follow @Zathrus’ recommendation and try it out:


I do not have Tyr and Vanda, but I have Grazul maxed.
IMO, Vanda is “must-have” againts GTV or many status ailments opponent, you do not have Grazul, so Vanda is great offense tools. But,… now the defense meta is changed, majority not use many status ailments, it use direct damage like Kadilen-C, Frigg, Odin, Killhare, Finley, Jabberwock.
Tyr is great ofense, because we can control when to cast, and I can see the loop of revive and snipe opponent in Youtube, although the damage is not so hard.
But yes, I would wait costume chamber.


Im hoping let someone would be able to help me form a team with my five star and my four star groups and possibly my three star very new to the game and also very active if anyone wants to recruit me

Dark Underworld Padawans, teaching alliance in a franchise.

You can join Bearcats, we have a spot open and welcome all new players. Very helpful vets in our alliance.

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