It’s a bug but more a ID10T user bug

Not sure if this is a bug or user stupidity. I was trying remake our banner in a cool inverted script and used a negative font script. Now my whole team cannot enter the alliance section and hence partake in wars. How do I fix this?

@Rook @Kerridoc can you help in the same alliance

Have you submitted a support ticket in game? That’s definitely step 1. The staff (like @Petri) do monitor the forum, but you’ll get fastest service by the in-game report.

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To of us in our alliance have sent I tickets

Good! That’s really your best bet. The moderators are just players like you and me. They don’t have any power to make changes in the game.

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Thanks @Garanwyn appreciate you answering

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Thanks SG for fixing it. Problem resolved!

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I’m really glad they got you guys sorted! Good luck in the war.

It’s a xmas miracle!!

Thanks Garanwyn for your help and suggestions. Appreciate it. @ Rigs. I’ll take that miracle!

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