It *JUST* occurred to me that ice kills plants and fire melts ice

Yes just now.
First time ever.

SG something needs to be done. Why is fire weak against ice!?! If ice heroes are harboring their power from the structure of ice, they should be powerless when fire is near! It literally melts it.

Why is ice weak against nature?!? Extreme cold, ice and winter kills plants!

I propose a fix, we change the tiles to a rain drop and their element to just water—not ice. If these blue heroes harbor their power from good ol H2O it wouldnt matter if its in liquid or solid form. Thus no weakness against fire.

And plants grow stronger with water so blue heroes weakness against them makes far more sense. This must be done.

Lol never thought about it being ice. I just thought about the color blue and automatically registered water. Even in the game when i read ice, it’s typically in blue text like in zelines card so i still saw water

Yeah I always thought blue/water puts out red/fire and red/fire burns green/plants. Not sure what green/plants do to blue/water… maybe absorb all the water to grow big and strong?


They definitely drink it. That was the way i remembered what did what when i started playing.

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Nature/Green is the mark of Spring, which melts the Blue/Ice of Winter.


No the sun does that :crazy_face:

So poetic, I just love it.

Is this not a ridiculous complaint, dear @Decorum?

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