It happens

Finished a gold level hero chest just now, and it gave me a tabard along with a few gems and a summons coin.

The tabard currently is useless to me and only slightly more prized than the single star troop I am about to pull.

Glass half empty cause cracked from being thrown at wall several times. Never drink and play.

UPDATE: **troop

The day will come when you prize that tabbard! No such thing as useless 4* non-farmable ascension materials. I collected such loot for many months before I was able to use any of it.


Let me echo Havok:

The only way you can ascend your heroes and make them truly formidable is with the right amount of ascension materials (like that Tabard).

Let me high-five you and wish you luck collecting the next one! :grin:

P.S. Here’s a chart showing what you need to ascend 4* and 5* heroes:



I would be very happy to take that “useless” tabard off your hands anytime!! :yum:


Sorry, bluenoser, but the president said no tabards until nafta is improved.

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LMAO! :laughing:

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