It happens only to me?

Hello all,I have 1 question…why when I am online I am attacked,but when I try to revenge a duel I can’t because they are online…why?it happens always…I am online,playing and being attacked…and I can’t attack when they are online…

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You can’t be attacked (raided) when you’re online. All of the “you’ve been attacked” raids you see after starting the game happened while you were offline.

No it doesn’t just happen to you…I and others get that all the time…I don’t think we’re actually getting attacked while we’re online, I think it happens when the system recognizes us to be inactive, i.e. “offline” so we become available to raid. The notification of having been attacked can come in well after the fact. I’ve always found this part of the system to be very very annoying. I don’t know what their logic (in the code) that tells the system that we’re offline but it seems like another area that can be cleaned up some more.

If somebody starts to attack you seconds before you log into the game, that match can take several minutes to complete. So a raid against you is in progress while you are online, but the fight was initiated while you were still offline.

You can’t immediately revenge because that player is generally online if they just finished raiding you.


Hello allex
I am also attacked when I am online and then I can not attack them while they are online.
I have the same problem.
it is not fair

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