It does not give me update I still have snow

IT does not give me update I still have snow
Not even on Google play
I’m worrie

The update is being released slowly by region over the next several days. Don’t worry, it should be available to everyone soon. :wink:


It’s really unfair and frustrating that other players already can farm some emblems while some can not.

Yesterday i’ve opened rare chest. Still without update. How much emblems already lost comparable to others?

None. The release notes said the classes wouldn’t go live until the update was out for everyone.

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I have only seen a few screen shots of emblems received in chests so far. And they seem to only be a few at a time. I don’t think others will have too much of a head start. But I feel your pain. I’m waiting as well. :confused:


Thanks for answer, hope fast :slight_smile:

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My clanmates share some screens with emblems in chest loot already.

Yeah. Many got this problem. Me too. I am a bit angry as some players got the update and the new tokens already! So they got an advantage :frowning:


pls urgently look into this issue. Just re-checked my phone some minutes ago. No update available for E&P in (German) Playstore!

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Do not worry. It´s not a couple of chests that will give anyone a head start.
When you need 1500 emblems to fully upgrade a 5* it´s gonna take a while to all players …

I just saw this as another post beside the ones from chests with new token type. All new content…
Memento Heroes Classes and Quests.
I am quite sure that those guys already got more stuff than we have and that this won’t be removed…hence a compensation would be fair.

I hear what you’re saying, I’m unsure about compensation however they have done in the past

I believe this was made by Beta testers so all players could have some knowledge about the class system when version 18 is finally live.
BTW prior knowledge (due to testing) is the only advantage you can expect of a Beta tester. No heroes, gems or whatsoever is given

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