Issues with troop selections


Hey guys, I have a question about troops. I’m trying to participate in the current event guardians of teltoc in the beginners class. Unfortunately what is happening in one of my troop classes (yellow) is I only have a 3* troop and it’s automatically equipped to the slot. I have no 1* or 2* troops and the game won’t allow me to remove the 3* troop from the event team. I cannot deselect it from the event team and you cannot leave the spot empty and have no troop selected at all. So since I don’t have a (yellow) 1* or 2* troop and no option to remove my 3* troop from the event team without having a replacement troop I cannot participate in the beginner event

How can I fix this problem, thanks


You can work around the bug by trying to find a 1* or 2* troop. One way is by fighting around the world map, troops drop sometimes. If you have some saved silver tokens (whatever their name is, those you can use on the daily summon), they might also give you troops. I think those two are the only places that give 1* or 2* troops.

Or… try to use heroes of another color, of which you have more troops.