Issues with Raids

I was just finishing a raid and my game glitched and sent me back to my home screen. I got no credit for the raid, but lost my flag. Is this a known issue? Can I get my flag back?

Same thing happened to me around 8:12 EST.

Also happened to an alliance mate this morning. Sounds like the server took a nap :sleeping:

So hope for excuses and one flask :slightly_smiling_face:

Its not just sending me back to the Castle screen - its totally kicking me from the game mid fight, mid activity, mid hero upgrade, mid titan battle…with no record of thedamage Ive caused…its cost me hundreds of raid trophys…not to mention letting down my alliance

Its been happening only since the most recent v23 update…

I am constantly having issues with raids where it will freeze and then defeated. I overpower the opponent but can’t get a hit. It’s like it bypass’s my turn. Another time I am about to win and all of a sudden during my turn defeated. The opponent isn’t that strong and wasn’t it’s turn. Even when I do rematch all of a sudden they seem 3 times stronger. This is starting to make me dislike the game if cheating is going on. I have no problems with Titans or quests, just raids!!! I’m not spending billions of dollars to stack my players, I have played games for years and love the challenge. I hope you arent here just to make money. People will spend because they like the game, not because they just want to look pretty with characters they really didn’t earn. True gamers that is!

You forgot to factor in the Troop:

The stats shown during the Raid are the base stats with the bonuses from the Troop applied.

736 Defense * 1.24 = 912

1284 HP * 1.08 = 1386

You can see that these exactly match your screenshot:

Please refrain from accusations of cheating.

Asking for clarification about game mechanics is excellent and appropriate for the Forum, but falsely labeling something as cheating because you don’t understand how it works is not appropriate.

Hey man, thanks for clarifying… :slight_smile:

But if you read my post properly I asked FIRST, “Am I missing something? Please tell me if this is very normal Raid behaviour.” I then followed it up with, “If not… what are SG going to do about it… it’s CHEATING!!”

So I’m first admitting that it could be a game mechanic I’m unaware of… and it’s my misunderstanding, then saying if it’s not a normal game mechanic then SG is being unfair (CHEATING to use my words)… know what I mean?

This was not directed at the player… this was questioning SG’s game mechanics.

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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Hey Zephyr… I deleted my previous post as it could have been misconstrued as accusing Small Giant of unfair game design (but just to be clear, I wasn’t… just a poor choice of words). Please forgive me as I’m still learning the game mechanics!! Thanks again for your helpful reply :smiley:

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Thanks, and glad it helped! :slightly_smiling_face:

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