Issues with problem players

Thought so too the first time it was reported to me. And they have done this many times. I have 4 reports of it so I am sure they do it every time they lose.

it’s definitely a big issue, abuse like this should not be tolerated… I wonder if SGG admin can shed some light, I will try to get the staff’s attention by raising a “something else” flag :slight_smile:

One of the big questions is why not let us know the decisions made regarding players reported? The whole reason our reporting room on Line even exists is because we noticed the same things happening over and over and wanted the community to know. We preface it by saying this is just a beware or be aware that this player has done … so many times so know before you accept into an alliance. Does it stop the behaviors? Not as often as we would like.

I have played the game for nearly 4 years and played in many alliances in my time.
But to be honest I have never come across anyone who displays such appalling behaviour in the form of death threats ….
Yes you have alliance jumpers …
Yes you have alliance nukers …
But you can manage your alliance membership to prevent that.
Yes you have players demanding promotion - but if they are not suitable tell them and if they persist then kick them …
Can’t say I have come across any creepers or perverts in the game - but if you do report them and block them and kick them …
Any other inappropriate behaviour that doesn’t match alliance rules and regulations just kick them …

And to be fair in my opinion for a “game” I don’t think it’s right that the game owners discuss any disciplinary action openly. This isn’t like a court of law. It’s a Game …

And thanks for the warning about the individual player - but we shouldn’t name and shame in the forum. It’s against the rules

Just my two pennies worth


Here you go…

I’ve also raised a flag asking for advice as to the best course of action. I imagine they’d lose often with those heros in defense, so sadly there will be others that have encountered the individual in question :thinking:.

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Tell you a secret. Collect these evidence and make a police report. File a complaint to Apple App Store with the police report you made and suddenly all those copy paste response from SGG bot will become an actual person!

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Just wanna say thank you for all the hard work that you - and your group - do everyday to keep this game a lil safer. :purple_heart::green_heart:

I get that most maybe have never experienced anything too frightening in this game (neither have I tbh), but as a woman, I’m definitely no stranger to predatory people - especially online. Sure, it’s easy to kick someone in this game, but that’s only ensuring someone else has to deal with it… A band-aid, if you will; “not my problem” (which is why I respect this project a lot - the altruism of it all)

So even if the game will not support you on your endeavor, I applaud y’all for trying anyway. We need good samaritan’s like y’all around - (it makes this entire experience better) - but especially to turn to for the few people who do experience this :poop:.

So anyway, thank you, and I wish you luck in your efforts :relaxed:

And this is just an idea, but in case anyone on this forum would like to stay informed, where does one join this group of yours?


It is on Line. You can friend me, Meltigger, and I will be happy to add anyone.

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Don’t you think this shouldn’t be considered shaming to name a person who has done wrong? To not would fall under enabling to do again and again, and again. This is not like calling someone fat or other names it is calling out behavior that goes against the rules of the game and TOS.

Thank you. The reason we do what we do is simply because we love the people we play with and want to keep the game safe and fun. The game has a community like none other and that is something worth protecting.

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Agreed. The intent is not to shame but to bring awareness.

This was not an isolated incident, and within 10 mins. of the incident I found 3 other people who had a similar experience… this was threat of violence. I was shocked to see that this player had multiple reported offenses of this nature.

In the times we currently live in we have to not only say something but try and do something.

By responding I was hoping to bring awareness and let others know not to engage this player and hoping to make a difference.

I truly think there are a ton of “good apples” in this wonderful community…


I personally know two players who have received similar threats from that same player. And I’ve seen several others complain about it. I am one player. If I know 2 people who have received a threat from that player, how many people have they targeted? There is no room in the game for that kind of person. Threatening someone should be an automatic suspension from the game once reported. Period. Repeated reports warrants removal.


Pervertion definitely depends on the point of view. Especially when there are dragon fire shows for some chillerins out there guarded by aunt teefa.


Never come across this but I think it’s sickening that keyboard warriors think they can say what they like with NO CONSEQUENCES.

If I received a message like this it would definitely upset me and I’m an adult but kids play this game and SG are aware of this, so there should be a “duty of care” so no-one should be abused or threatened by idiots like this.

And why can’t you name and shame people on this forum, if they’re not going to do anything about this then why shouldn’t we.

Booted and banned for life imo


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On another game I used to play (unnamed to protect the guilty :roll_eyes:), I encountered a toxic player who tracked down a friend in real life at her work, so yes these things can and do happen, and I take any threat seriously.

I understand the rules as they exist, so long as toxic players are investigated and removed. :+1:

P.S. I did not encounter this player, but I count it my good fortune not to have.


Oh man have I ever been lucky. Sorry to all you who have had to deal with such vile and abhorrent behaviour. Thanks for those working to try and clean up the game and finally a big Shame On You to SGG for them not being able to do anything then have a useless bot look after this.


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