Issues with problem players

I have been around a while now, over 5years. One of the biggest issues i see is that problem players are not dealt with although TOS and the rules are laid out. Another issue in regards to this is that even when a report is done in game we have no way of knowing what happens, and in many cases nothing at all. How do I know? Because you see the same thing being done by the same playera and when you ask support you get a canned response and told they do not discuss moderation of players. Why not? What does it hurt to tell the community that you as a company really do care about the safety of its customers. Being told we won’t tell you our decision on a player you reported just tells us you do not want any accountability to held. I help to admin a helpful room on Line that tells the community about such players because we have seen too many times nothing at all is done. We have seen war jumpers, alliance nukers, promotion demanders, creepers, perverts and just inappropriate behavior. Why are players allowed to play who aggressively voilate the community rules of playing with decency? Recently the 4th known report of a player who goes into allainces and cusses out and threatens the player that raided them. When reported and asked if being updated on the investigation the person was told we don’t discuss moderation decisions. We the community want to know why? And I am curious as to whom has had dealings with these problem players and do report them only to see them on the game later, doing the same junk? Am I alone in wanting some accountability from this game and really be shown our safety matters?


I think I know who the problem player is.

And just who are you saying?

Just because I may be the first does not mean it isn’t talked about nor that is is not a problem. Someone has to be the first to speak up, so guess it’s me. I am fine with that. I have been here a while simply because i care about those whom I play with. I hope you do too.

While I am not a whale, that has nothing at all to do with this.

I am not asking them to be moral police but I do find it interesting you would see it that way. Do you find it okay for players to threaten other players? Or just look the other way? Maybe there are too many who have done nothing and why we see nothing being done. It is time to say enough and ask even businesses to follow the rules they have placed. That is accountability. We should be able to play without harassment, death threats, and being cussed out and if it does should be able to count on the rules and TOS being enforced. I don’t think that is too much to ask.


This player indeed seems awful and thankfully, having played for nearly 4years, I’ve never encountered this individual, But Forum rules are clear and in posting this person’s responses on the forum… :face_with_peeking_eye:.

I do appreciate the warning.

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After playing for almost 5 years leading an alliance for about 4 years I have never met a problem player you describe!

War jumpers seems to be a problem of the system.
What is an alliance nuker?
Promotion demander? Boot from alliance!
What is a creeper?
Pervert. Depends on point of view but boot from alliance!

It seems most of your problems can be solved with restricted accsess to your alliance and removing the problem players from the alliance.


He deserves to lose for fielding a defense team with no limit broken heroes and a Khagan. But for real, if he’s this toxic they need to do something about him.


Please explain what rules you think are broken. When we have issues like this by a specific player that player should be known for what they do and something should be done. Hiding them only perpetuates the problem.

You assuming TOS was written from the kindness of SGG hearts is your mistake. TOS was written to protect SGG and no one else. If you involve your local politician / police / government agency / viral on social media, sure they might take action depending on how much pressure is being applied.

Other than that, even if that player seek you out in real life and hurt you, SGG would probably send you a get-well-soon world energy flask and deny all responsibility.


Honestly I am shocked you have never seen this kind of behavior. As an admin for a reporting room I get reports every week of these behaviors. You can definitely do things to keep people out of the alliance and can boot for things that happen but what do you do when it happens to more than your alliance by the same person over and over?

What is an alliance nuker?
This is a person who venefully kicks multiple players from an alliance. Seen it happen often. Sure you can boot them, as the leader, but you just lost all the work you put into building that alliance. Hopefully everyone remembers the alliance name, that you had other ways to communicate outside the game, and Hopefully people will know it wasn’t supposed to happen and return.
“What is a creeper”
Someone who uses alliances who have other forms of communication like Line, discord, etc to contact members sending unwanted sexual content. Can be by text but often includes pictures. This is one that really gets me because the game devs will not do anything because it happened on a different app. However, it can be proven without the game these people would not have access to these people. We have seen all kinds unfortunately. We want to keep the community safe, especially for the minor players and when it can be proven they are being targeted the game devs should remove the account of the creeper.

This is not just my own alliance I am writing about. I have a list of players who hurt people and alliances by their actions and there needs to be a way that we as the community can know for certain that actions are taken to keep the game safe for all. Yes there are things you can do to help but you cannot predict when some of these actions will happen. Booting is an option but for some that just passes the problem to another alliance.


You mistake thinking I think they do from kindness. There is no mistake it is a CYA move. However, there are rules they put in place and we need to know they will actually remove these players.

“Other than that, even if that player seek you out in real life and hurt you, SGG would probably send you a get-well-soon world energy flask and deny all responsibility.”

:laughing: that is very true and gave me a good chuckle.

I have so many reports of people doing things in game that aren’t supposed to be allowed yet these folks remain. I am not alone in wanting more done.

wow, that’s awful… and the name is so ironic too. “angelic” … hah!

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Thought so too the first time it was reported to me. And they have done this many times. I have 4 reports of it so I am sure they do it every time they lose.

it’s definitely a big issue, abuse like this should not be tolerated… I wonder if SGG admin can shed some light, I will try to get the staff’s attention by raising a “something else” flag :slight_smile:

One of the big questions is why not let us know the decisions made regarding players reported? The whole reason our reporting room on Line even exists is because we noticed the same things happening over and over and wanted the community to know. We preface it by saying this is just a beware or be aware that this player has done … so many times so know before you accept into an alliance. Does it stop the behaviors? Not as often as we would like.

I have played the game for nearly 4 years and played in many alliances in my time.
But to be honest I have never come across anyone who displays such appalling behaviour in the form of death threats ….
Yes you have alliance jumpers …
Yes you have alliance nukers …
But you can manage your alliance membership to prevent that.
Yes you have players demanding promotion - but if they are not suitable tell them and if they persist then kick them …
Can’t say I have come across any creepers or perverts in the game - but if you do report them and block them and kick them …
Any other inappropriate behaviour that doesn’t match alliance rules and regulations just kick them …

And to be fair in my opinion for a “game” I don’t think it’s right that the game owners discuss any disciplinary action openly. This isn’t like a court of law. It’s a Game …

And thanks for the warning about the individual player - but we shouldn’t name and shame in the forum. It’s against the rules

Just my two pennies worth


Here you go…

I’ve also raised a flag asking for advice as to the best course of action. I imagine they’d lose often with those heros in defense, so sadly there will be others that have encountered the individual in question :thinking:.

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Tell you a secret. Collect these evidence and make a police report. File a complaint to Apple App Store with the police report you made and suddenly all those copy paste response from SGG bot will become an actual person!

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Just wanna say thank you for all the hard work that you - and your group - do everyday to keep this game a lil safer. :purple_heart::green_heart:

I get that most maybe have never experienced anything too frightening in this game (neither have I tbh), but as a woman, I’m definitely no stranger to predatory people - especially online. Sure, it’s easy to kick someone in this game, but that’s only ensuring someone else has to deal with it… A band-aid, if you will; “not my problem” (which is why I respect this project a lot - the altruism of it all)

So even if the game will not support you on your endeavor, I applaud y’all for trying anyway. We need good samaritan’s like y’all around - (it makes this entire experience better) - but especially to turn to for the few people who do experience this :poop:.

So anyway, thank you, and I wish you luck in your efforts :relaxed:

And this is just an idea, but in case anyone on this forum would like to stay informed, where does one join this group of yours?


It is on Line. You can friend me, Meltigger, and I will be happy to add anyone.

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