Issues with my tc20

Havent gotten a 5* from tc20 yet. Ive been brewing it for more than 4 months now. Posted it here since that has to be a bug. I hate to think the game auto balances things. Taking out skills and prioritizing money.

You have ~5% for 5* from TC20, my leader must wait 10 months for first 5* from TC


Im over level 50 now and havent gotten a single 5* from that building. Even at 1.5% drop rate, i should have gotten 1 already. I have summoned more than 70 heroes from that building already. I dont usually complain but this just aint right.

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Hate to say it, but sounds like just bad RNG luck. I think the chances of going 0/70 are around 2.8%.


I didnt expect to get one off the bat knowing the odds but this just not right. Why the heck would they even create a tc20 with less than 1% chance of getting a 5? That would just mess with players who dont spend much on the game. Im not one of them but i do pity them. Skills should have a place in every game. Not just money. A game that puts less spenders at a great disadvantage is not good at all. So devs if you read this pls rethink your strategy.

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It’s just bad luck. There’s around a 5% chance of getting a 5* on a single pull, based on thousands of data points that people have posted to the forum. So, like @gregschen said:

95%^70 = 2.8%,

Roughly one in every 36 people would be expected to have the same level of bad luck you have.


I couldn’t wait to get TC 20 up and running! And the first week, not one but TWO 5*, Marjana and Elena! And several decent 4* in the first 2-3 weeks as well. I couldn’t figure out why everyone complained about it.

Even had a team member that liked to say he was running two of them for double the disappointment :smile:

Well some three or four months later…….nothing but 3* feeders………I gave up on it for now, maybe the luck just needs to recharge after constant use :smirk:

I can get feeders much cheaper and faster from the other TCs…….


Thanks pirate, i am amazed with your list. But this makes me sad coz this confirms that there is really something wrong with my tc20. :frowning: with that percentage, i should have gotten 7 already.

I really sympathize with your situation. All I can say is that please hang on and don’t give up. Good things can happen suddenly out of the blue. May the RNG be with you. :slight_smile:


Thank you pirate. I wish you the best as well my friend.

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Wait what? I though TC13 only gives 3 and 4 star heroes. :open_mouth:

As the saying goes… Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all… :smiley: @LadyAnesthesia

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Sorry, obviously I started celebrating my finshed quests too soon. I could have sworn I got them from 13

I’ll just throw that post right in the garbage can!

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Haha… It happens… Congratulations on finishing the quests. :slight_smile:

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Finished my TC a month ago off the bat got Joon first time round but since that like 4 colen a couple 3* and grim I’ll keep one running it will give more 5* I’m certain !!
It’s also a great place to store food and recruit’s


Have 2 TC20’s running so I get a new hero every day.
Last time I received a 5* hero out of TC20 is December 18th.
So it may take some time before you get one, patience is everything in this game.


And its not just a thing on my tc20. My summon gate 5* drop has been brutal for the last 2 months. I usually do some pulls for the thrill and fun of it. I miss that thrill. But with this kind of drop rate, its just useless.

Just got my second Joon :wink: !!!

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I’m sorry, but the only thing that confirms is Pirate currently has more luck than you with the TC20… Just because someone else has that percentage, doesn’t mean you will. I personally got 2 5* heroes out of 62 pulls, or 3.2%. The average percentage has been estimated at 5% for a 5*. Percentages are not guarantees.


I hate you! :slight_smile: still none for me.

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