Issues with latest update and game overall

Many players have expressed that they have an amount of items no longer wanted or needed perhaps a place to trade or sell such items would be a way to resolve such issue. Also there is an issue regarding troops that no longer has use perhaps they can be converted to recruits or common or uncommon heros to clear up the space. Also the issue of no direct communication between players. Plus the final issue of the drop rate of ascention materials is appalling no matter your position on the titan you get basically the same rewards.


Re troops, perhaps breaking them down into recruits? Or a system similar to the hero training to train them into higher tier troops?

Re ascension or crafting mats, perhaps a mechanic that allows you to upgrade your 700 wooden shields to a metal shield, and then that metal shield eventually to a sturdy shield?

In a not really related idea, I dislike the random items that you can buy. I will never buy a pack that has a “may contain” item 1, but if you said here is item 1 and a few other items, I would likely buy them.

Just some basic ideas, I hope you can take them on board.


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I agree. Although the troop issue is currently being looked at with the new Barracks building. The question of accumulating low-level items needs to be looked at. I agree that by merging or splicing or Alchemy or some other sort of item upgrading should be put into effect. The 1000 rugged clothes should be able to become leather armor which could then become chainmail and eventually choose between a warm cloak or Royal tabard, and yes it should be an obscene amount however by playing and grinding often enough you will eventually have enough for that next upgrade. Once again it takes time and cannot just be bought with cold Hard Cash