Issues in E&P with Strong Players Joining Alliance & Leaving

Recently my team was joined by 2 strong players (compared to our average members) they were polite and friendly we thought they would be a huge help.
Then just after the war began the one left and the other never signed in during the 24 hour period. The following day the first had returned apologies for leaving and helps to kill the Titan.
Next thing I know the second leaves the alliance following the Titan items shortly followed by the first. But not without “lol” in the chatroom.

Has anyone else had this problem?

They didn’t "do anything wrong persay but their involvement in the War put us up against a team well above our level and we took a hard kick in the moral department.

The whole thing was just odd.

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I’ve experienced that with higher level players in my first alliance, they might be mercs or maybe just decided to leave after realizing that you guys weren’t “up to their level” so to speak. I’m just as cautious of super high level players wanting to join a lower alliance as I am of newbies.

On a side note, you might want to change the title of your thread… could be considered offensive by some.


Thanks for the feedback. By “super high” I simply meant that their defence team was 5* and lvl 8 talented. Which compared to most in my team is quite high.

No disrespect intended with the thread title!

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Yeah, my first alliance was mostly low level 20s and we had a few level 50+ players join. They killed our titans with 2 hits then left without explanation. :man_shrugging:

I know you probably didn’t intend any offense with the title, but that word is considered a pejorative ethnic slur in some parts of the world (and this being an international forum and all…). No worries, I occasionally offend people accidentally as well.


Sorry to hear that. Not sure why anyone would do that, especially higher level players that have almost certainly experienced people not showing up for wars and the associated frustration. We have had people pop in, help kill a titan and leave, but they never opted in for war. That’s the really odd part of your story. Now if they didn’t opt in, then it wouldn’t impact you war at all…

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That’s just it. The whole thing takes place over 30-36 hours tops. They join, are social… I should explain by “they” it was a couple, Apparently married.

It just baffles me

That is odd. My girlfriend and I are together in an alliance, and I’m pretty sure she’s more content to just stay put rather than alliance hop.

Change the title already.
That’s 3 comments about it and how it is offensive. Use the edit button
No wonder they left you are tone deaf.

We occasionally get high powered folk join. Often they are taking a break from their main alliance
We just got one and it looks like they might be hanging around.
When you recruit and accept be clear on whAt the alliance expectations and rules are.

Copy and paste works well.

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Sounds like a couple of immature bored players letting off some frustration or just doing something different. Similar to how some players leave/return or go on rage hits.
It’s unfortunate but looks like your alliance took the damage.

They might have been tired of facing all 4300TP teams with lvl23+troops in wars, lord knows I wish I had an easy target for a change in wars.

Yes buddy that’s not the used word anymore, may want to edit it

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Several people have commented in-thread, and we’ve received a flag indicating concern about the thread title.

As such, I’ve changed it to remove the pejorative word in question.

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I thought I had already changed it on my end after the first comment, but thanks


We experience this issue in our Alliance as well…i hope there is a consequence for doing this as a “reward” to inconsiderate players…

I don’t understand the meaninig of this fact… join an alliance and then kick off without explanation… we experienced domething like this yesterday…

I know better things to do as a couple, but maybe it’s just me :face_with_monocle:


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