Issues after the latest upgrade 1.13.1 Build 404

First issue was yesterday… the Titan attack log didn’t show names, just “ex member”

Second issue was today… the New Titan call out popped up but it was nowhere on the map! So I clicked on my alliance, then Titan and it showed just text over a box that said Defeated and the name of the Titan was a Crystalline Colossus Rare but it was only one star. One other team mate claimed that she was seeing the same thing. The issue eventually corrected itself.

Third issue… my tiles are extremely slow and actually shaky/jittery for some reason. Was this an intentional “upgrade” from the last upgrade??? If so, why do that???

I no longer worry about getting a five star or a monthly special at this point. I dished out enough money for that and gained only a great deal of stress and disappointment over it but I’m ok with my 4*’s now.

Game play is now very unstable and there are moments when I’m tapping on my hero’s and they are literally frozen for about 2 seconds… it seems like a short time, but while battling a Titan, or during WAR, that’s enough to lose points, or lose a game, not good.

Just want to know if i’m i the only one who can’t max out his character mana speed since the last update bucause i’ve fed this players everything from 2* warriors to 3 * warriors and still no mana speed upgrade.

Mana speed doesn’t upgrade, it’s different for each hero.

Special attack upgrades from 1 to 8.

Yes, this is similar to my freezing issue during game play! And sometimes, the glow on my hero’s continue to move but the actual hero’s wouldn’t fire no matter how much I tap on them… thanks for sharing your video!

I’m still waiting and will let you know if and when I get a reply from E&P support… For now, Good Luck with the coming Alliance War! I know I’m going to need a load of luck myself lol

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Hello Jesus13! I’m sorry but I don’t speak your language. Maybe someone else can reply to you. Good Luck!

Since the last update I cannot attack other gamers anymore. As soon as I click on “start“ the attack the game kicks me out and stopps…

It is not allowing me to see the chat on my iPhone when it is not connected to WiFi and now it is not accepting my WiFi at home on my phone or iPad I have to use my data on my phone or the hot spot someone make this right.

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Same issue with me as well. And it’s only having this issue with this game and this website every other app and browser works prefectly

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