Issues after the latest update v37

Hi all, since the last update, and after reading the release notes, I’ve noted the following issues:

  • I cannot set a formation in the Hero Academy.

  • The new season 4 missions are not added to the missions list so I am not progressing on them.

  • I cannot make purchases trough google play. I do have balance, but it just won’t report a successful transaction.

I tried researching the issue here, but did not see anything related. Possibly a rare case. Any help would be welcomed.

This version isn’t 100% rolled out yet. Once it is, this will become available (shortly after the “Maintenance break” notification)

I can only assume this is like the other seasons, where the missions are triggered once you reach the specific levels with the task/appropriate enemies. Keep playing and I’m sure they will show up.

Not sure. Perhaps contact SGG and Google Play.

Who will probably both do nothing but point fingers at each other and after hours of needless “support” the problem will correct itself.


Petri sent this message:

You must reach the stage 6 so that they come out.

Regarding the third issue, take a look at the support part in the game or send a ticket support to the staff.


Thank you both. First two issues are resolved so far. The third issue remains. Will try to open a ticket for that one.

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