Issue with war when using two accts on the same phone

If I click on an opponent during war but decide not to hit them and exit, it will still show as reserved when I switch to my other acct. and I will not be able to attack that team. This happens every time and on both my new and old phone so I know it’s not a phone issue unless it’s a problem with Android.

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That’s normal. The game reserves the opponent for you while picking a team, which gives you about 2 minutes to do so.

If you aren’t planning to actually attack, then do info instead. If you’re trying to see what attackers you have left select the gear in upper left and there’s an option to do that.


Normal issue, not really a bug (and doesn’t just happen when for those with multiple accounts, even if someone else on your team puts up a reservation then changes their mind and logs off, the reservation will still be there).

Sometimes you have to log on and off a couple of times, or just wait a while for it to disappear. Unless there is another target on the board you are able to switch your reservation to.

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Related, I think: If you go to attack an opponent, but then take too long picking your team, it’ll say “Opponent No Longer Available,” and you’ll be able to try again (unless one of your teammates has already pounced on it by then).

Yes, that’s the “about 2 minute” timeout I mentioned above.


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