Issue with Towers - Xnolphod allows non-stop usage of special skills

Dear devs,
There’s an imbalanced ways to easilty complete Towers (both Ninja and Magic) on top positions.

Simple description: after some amount of mana blessings team with Xnolphod gain ability to use special skill in non-stop mode, killing all the mobs and bosses without moving a single tile on a board.

Here’s how it looks like: Xno tower imba - YouTube

Minimum 8 players in TOP-10 used this.
Minimum 57 players in TOP-100.
(situation at 22:15 Moscow time)

Something should be done about this.
Players with Xnolphod gain unfair advantage (at the very least they complete all the Impossible levels without any battle items).

My proposition: to include one more thing in Unnerving Resilience curse list.
"Fair mana policy - no direct mana increase allowed".

Important thing here - mana boost from Ludwig, Albi and so on should NOT be affected.
They’re useful, but they don’t allow non-stop attacks.

@Petri , @Gabteeni , kindly ask to your attention.
It’s not a bug, but it’s clearly an Issue.

@Guvnor , not sure if it should stay in a public topic.
Decision here is yours :slight_smile: I just want to make sure that the issue will be addressed.

P.S. I have one Xnolphod in my roster.
And I still want this unfair advantage to be removed.


I don’t think this is good idea, they are using heroes they own in best possible way, whales always had advantages over F2P/C2P.
They aren’t cheating, its true that they can save a lot battle items but they are using what game gave them.

If SG would block passive mana generation in towees then they would have to remove v.slow and slow heroes from wars/tournaments.
Remove fiend and minnion summoners from bloody battle, remove heroes like Pengi/Grimble from minion wars, etc. etc.

If they will do something like this in future they will lose a lot of players and even more if they block some heroes/abilities that works great in specific places and leave others.

BTW I don’t have even 1 Xnolphod.


This was first specualted in public beta thread

It’s not a bug. It’s a good idea to use him this way.
It’s not any more unfair than any other aspect of the game.

I view this more of an idea thread and can agree with aspects of poor design.


You have to move tiles to get a better score. What Xnol let’s you do is save items.

But to say it is happening without a single tile moved is incorrect as they wouldn’t be in the Top 100 doing that



"it’s not broken"

"it’s no big deal"

lol… it’s hilarious…!
how much money is spent just to do that?!?

Wow… amazing skill :joy:

I’ll pass…


When Empires and Puzzles lost the Puzzles-Part


It’s not surprising at all.

Noone gives this game any game-related thought anymore. It’s only about portals and heroes and offers. Not about having fun, making sense and fair play.


I went to bed, My Ninja Tower said I have 1d 6h left, I woke up and it was ended… lol. :coffee:

This is basicall saying owning and using a hero is unfair. :woman_shrugging: weird weird… Don’t use your Xnol as tank in war either, okay? Because is unfair to your opponent :woman_shrugging: he/she may fail


It’s about fun for me, and that’s the reason I’m here and why I’m trying my best to make it better.
If it’s not about it for you then why are you here :slight_smile:
Just curious, no answer expected )

Actually, not much money to spend here. Just do the maths like I was doing. Ezpz

We just had a war against Last Regiment, one of top-10 alliances of the game.

They had 25 Xnols, we had 28 Ferants (4*, comparably easy to get).
We lost 25 points.

Now compare it with non-stop usage of the special skill in a tower :slight_smile:
Not quite the same, in my opinion.


Because I am playing this game and part of this community for almost 4 years now. Got engaged and commited. It’s difficult to see it going down to :poop: like it does but being through the game’s good years, I still hope this may be just temporary and they’ll come to their senses eventually.


it totally is, because special skill remains special skill. No matter in which aspect of the game. And another question floating in my mind is: is this a bug, exploit, fun taking away factor? I am guessing my answer is no to all. Because I wouldn’t go so far to declare my defintion of fun as the golden one. That goes a bit too far for my taste.


Yeap, “the game’s dying” for about 3 years, as far as I remember discussion in Russian top ))
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Quite opposite. It is killing its players and feeding on their corpses.


Totally agree that it’s not illegal, not a bug or exploit.
One single “works as intended” from developers will close this topic for me.

But I think it’s important to be sure that game designers know about it.

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It’s ironic that players who complained back then in Feb 2019 are still in the game )))
Not just chilling - they actively donate, lead alliances… And still complaining )))

Everyone, sorry for this :slight_smile:
No more comments at this offtopic subject.

You may like the game, just hate few things about it and be vocal about them, is that so hard to accept and understand?

Here you are, complaining that a hero who is meant to give mana - actually gives mana.

Does it turn out to be imbalanced here? It does, but so is the mechanic. Is Alfrike imbalanced in VF tournaments? Nerf Alfrike then?


Whats the puzzle part, is the puzzle (paradoxically :rofl: )