Issue with points assigned for a teams value during war

Hello, can someone please research why our teams point values are off? These screenshots were taken from the current war 3/18/20. If you will observe, my teammate is valued at 86 pts with a 3900tp amd myself at 84 pts with a 4200tp. This makes it difficult to win wars as there are several teammates that are being under/over-valued. If you can get more pts taking out smaller teams why take out the big ones???


The pictures are out of order but the middle team should be of comparable value of mine. Also we have a 3200 team worth 72 pts. This just doesnt make sense

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War team value is based entirely on total health. So a team of Gormek is worth a lot more than a team of Grimm simply because Gormek has a lot of HP.

It’s a bit of a crude measure, but it’s not a bug.

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Thanks for clarifying

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