Issue with not enough summon randomness

Please close topic. Its pointless.
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It is not issue simply :poop: happens

When I have the stats right, the chance to pull a 3* Season 2 hero are over 50% + around 20% to pull a Season 1 3*. There are, I think, 7 Season2 rare heroes.

Therefore, the chance to pick duplicates are pretty “good” and much higher than having 10 different 3* in a 10 pull.

I seem to always get the same 4s. Tiburtus is my only season 1 dark 4. I’ve gotten at least 5 of him do far. I don’t have any Boldtusk, Rigard, Sabina, or Sonya plus a few more I don’t really need, but 5 Tiburtus, 4 Caedmon, 4 Gaderius, 4 Wilbur, 4 Sumito. I have been happy with my summons results though. I have getting 5*s at an above average rate with most being Atlantis or HOTM with no dups out of 14.

Yesterday I pulled on my both accounts only 3* heroes. Well, :poop: happens. Others were much luckier, I wasn’t. That’s all. Not a issue, not a bug. Just (bad) luck.

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Duplicates are a perfectly normal feature of random draws that is to be expected.


I’m pretty sure that you meant variety - and I’m not trying to be the grammar police - it’s just that this word is a key to understanding your issue, because…

The example that @Scrutator gave was a random playlist from a set number of songs. If that playlist were generated in a truly random fashion, you could hear the same song three times in a row. So Apple changed it to avoid that behavior.

You are asking SG to change the behavior of summons to give you more variety, but if they do, then summons will not be truly random. This presents all sorts of problems, both for players, and for SG. On the business side of things, reducing randomness means that you need to do fewer pulls to get the heroes that you want. Fewer pulls means reduced revenues. On the player side of things, this means that summon diversity gets skewed for players who can afford thirty pulls, while players with a single pull here and there will continue to see repeats.

What you are asking for is not compatible with the manner in which this game operates, and it is definitely not a bug, given the odds and the distribution that you’ve given (and the small sample size), so I’m going to move this thread to General Discussion. It may end up getting merged into another thread eventually, since there are plenty of threads that already discuss Atlantis summons and results.


Yep. Used wrong word. So, was running a random number generator with duplication and kept getting bad results. So might as well close thos topic. Thanks all :slight_smile:

Will do, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: