Issue with mystic vision

Hello,i have a problem with mystical vision for two days i cant open it.yellow and red hero 5 stars i cant get since i play the game.i play non stop but lose patience.please do something about itas i will be forced to delete the game.I’ve broken two phones since i played your game.I think you understand why.Thank you for your understanding by.

If Ihad X on your Mistic vision the most time I had slow or unstable internet connection. You must have patience with all 5* heroes. I been 9 months without 5* green. Next month I had 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

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There isno x on the vision.when i click on the vision it just brings me back to the game,and that’s it

Patience :grin: I’ve been playing for two years now and no red 5* lol

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1.5 years without a yellow 5*, here…

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This is not normal,■■■■■■■ i n g game

I’m a stupid donkey for playing this game

You should do something else and get help with your anger management.


To do just that,because this game is pure brainwashing

I made title a bit more clear.

Then maybe you need to find a different game, donkey donkey brother

Is the issue Mystic Vision? OR
The lack of 5* red & yellow heros? OR
Both? - Not clear :thinking:

Mystic vision not working - you are Not alone

Difficulty summoning heros - again you are not alone. Although TC20 is a free way to get 5* heros (tbh, I’m still waiting for one after 3 months).

The search tool

is amazing. Can I suggest you use it :smile:.

I sincerely hope you look after your current device - summoning can be expensive but phones even more so :confounded:.

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