Issue with Azlar MAxed Out Special Skills

I am having an issue with my Azlar Special Skill.
He may not be totally maxed out level wise, but his special is! level 8/8.
However, even if his damage of 205% matches with the example from the summon, his DoT does not. Mine says 300 over 6 turns where the DoT on the example is 360 over 6 turns.
I have contacted support and they just keep saying keep leveling up your hero…But the special skill is at 8/8 so even if i level him up and even ascend i won’t level the special as it is already maxed out!
I don’t know what to do so i was wondering if maybe you guys have the same issue with your Azlar maxed out special skills.
I have attached screenshot of mine and the example from the summon.

k you

I believe the DOT damage is directly related to the level of the hero and not the special skill. As you continue to level your Azlar, the DOT % will increase.

So, the responses you received from your requests were correct - level your hero.

(Experts on this - please correct me if I’m wrong).


The DOT is based on the attack stat of the hero.


Aaah now i get it ! Finally a clear response !! The email received from Support never said that!
Thank You !

@Starlynk thank-you for the clarification! Since the attack of a hero raises as the hero is leveled, the 2 correlate but is not technically correct.

Note to self… DOT is related to attack. Got it! :grin:

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This is also important when choosing class nodes since temporary attack buffs ( Blessed Brew, War Cry, Banners, etc. ) do not increase DOT damage but permanent attack increases ( troops, leveling, class nodes, etc. ) do increase DOT damage.


A maxed Azlar fully emblemed will be a scary thing in the future.

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