Issue with ascending level 5 hero’s

To ascend my level 5 hero’s to next level requires 4 mystic rings. For past 3 months I have played daily and have yet to see a mystic ring reward. Why require a mystic ring if only way to get one is to buy it?

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I feel your pain … I have loads of 4* mats but can’t ascend my 5* heroes to max because I have zero Damascus Blades.
And I refuse to buy one lol

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It’s 6 mystic rings for a red 5*, not 4. There are things you can do to increase the chances of getting them.

  • titans are the #1 source of 4* mats. Get into an ally that kills titans as strong as your teams can handle
  • fill raid and monster chests daily, and skip timers to fill more
  • participate in wars
  • watch for rare quests
  • mystic visions whenever they are available (don’t stop believing!)

It’s pretty normal to wait 6 months to see 6 specific 4* materials. Good luck!


One more thing…
While you’re waiting for the materials needed for 5’s to come around, focus on building your war/titan teams with solid 4’s. I have almost 30 maxed 5’s now, but there are still 4’s that get used all the time. The 4* healers in particular age very well.

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Are you counting the rare quests? I’d have to look at the calendars but Mount Umber has definitely happened in the past three months.


Just info, I play F2P at 1st and then C2P,… my 1st maxed hero is at 24th Sep 2019, I play since Feb 2019, so it is 7 month long. But after that… it will come from many sources… specially do not miss Rare Quests… build solid 3* and 4* heroes teams. Now currently I have 32x 5* maxed, 82x 4* maxed and 54x 3* maxed.

EDIT: miss understand… just like @Ruskin505 said,… it is happened and mount umber also will be the next, here is the tracking Rare quest so far…

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