Issue with Aegir's special (v16)


Why the developers do not inform the players that they are changing the Heroes? If anyone noticed that Aegir was nerfed without informing us, the users!


What was the nerf? How did you find out about it? Did his stats change?

Generally SGG has been good about informing the community of any changes to heroes in release notes.


He is exactly the same now as he was upon release. You’re probably looking at a beta screenshot of him, which they don’t have to inform you about.


I have 2 screenshot,first screenshot before upd.
Second efter relise 16.0.0

0,second screenshot efter remiss 16.0.0


Likely this is due to the different troops used in the different screenshots or just leveling the character up.

He looks more powerful in the second screenshot. That’s a buff not a nerf.


you do not understand what it is about, before the release of the update, my heroes returned 100% xp from the field, now after the update, the damage in the meadow is divided into the number of heroes of one element, and half of xp returns!


Fair enough. Apologies for weighing in.


Change the tittle, is a bug