Issue using emblems

Please remove the iron as a requirement from the emblem pathway.

In no way does this make you any significant income, it is just a barrier to players who are pre-stronghold 25.

This is extremely annoying and makes spending money early game a discouragement, because even if you get a 5, get all the ascension materials, and then start leveling them up, you run out of iron Trying to emblem.

Either increase resource production, creat a new building at stronghold 15 where you can exchange food for iron and iron for food, or just remove iron being needed from the emblem pathway.

The forge should be good or iron also for all the same reasons.

You could fix all these issues by just adding in a text box that says “use ham” “use iron” “use both”

It doesn’t matter which you use, but you can choose.

Thanks so much.

That is not going to happen.
I’m sorry. But this is the way it is and it will be. It takes time to lvl up a hero and add emblems on it.
Even with stronghold lvl 25 and all buildings at max it takes me a lot of time to add emblems on my heroes.

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