Issue: unable to demote former alliance leader to member

This really doesn’t fit anywhere so I am posting it in general.

So recently, my alliance decided to let a titan go. The leader and co- leader decided to go mercing. After this decision for some bizarre reason they decide to stick me with leadership. (It caused a mini panic attack, but that is irrelevantish) They came back, and I promoted them back to their respective ranks. I asked to be demoted back to my member status, unfortunately that was not possible and the lowest I could get to was elder. I figured that I could fix it, but leaving and coming right back to the alliance. It kinda sucks that even though I didn’t go anywhere really that I missed out on escaped titans loot (highly doubtful but who knows maybe with an escaped titans I would have gotten some ascension loot). Just so I could gain my original rank back. I just found it weird that I wasn’t able to go back to member, and even though it is the same alliance the count down timer still applies.

Hmm, that’s strange. Has anyone else experienced this? :slight_smile:

(And may I change your title to “Could not be demoted” so other folks with questions about the topic find your thread?)

Just… Why?

If you don’t care to be an elder, it doesn’t matter if you are a member too, no?

If a titan dies while your chest is on timeout, just log out until the timer expires. As long as you log out before loot gets handed out, your chest will add a point when you log back in. (Basically, titan chest point goes up when you view loot, not when the titan actually dies.)

If this titan was escaping the cooldown doesn’t matter anyway since you wouldn’t get a point in the chest.

If you wanted the escape loot, why not wait until after to leave and rejoin?

Why don’t you want to be an elder?

It’s too early in the morning to be reading threads like this :ghost:


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