ISSUE: Small Giant Development Team

There needs to be a meeting at small giant. A discussion needs to happen and details of which should be shared. Open communication for plans going forward would help E&P’s viability going forward.

Also either beta NEEDS to be apologized to and listened to from now on ESPECIALLY on balance of heroes. OR it needs to be closed immediately. Send the messages you want to send SG…


Not in beta, but couldn’t the beta testers strike?
it’s not a paying job so there are no real life implications as far as economic struggles etc.
I kinda feel like SG is doing whatever they want anyways regardless of what beta says so what would be the difference?
some bugs?
well they’re all paid up they could actually PAY ppl for that job.

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Hmm, wonder why this was moved to general discussion. It was originally posted to Bugs and Issues :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_monocle:

Wonder who did that???

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it does clearly say ISSUE in the lead-in lol.

You can see who moved it by looking at the edit on the first post.

The answer seems to imply that SG does not agree with you that there is an issue…

it was kira herself, not one of the unpaid moderators… so seems like someone is reading, maybe if we complain enough they will listen, much like what happened with telly… i wonder if we make 75% of the new forum posts, “SG needs to do better” if they will actually do better???


I highly doubt it.
They’ve been made fabulously wealthy dumping on the playerbase for +1 years. Integrity and ethical behavior are concepts they dont seem to grasp exceedingly well.
People HAVE been complaining for a long time. Funny they only listened to a select few, most regarding Telly/Vela (How GM and others escaped the SG nerf howitzer, I’m pretty sure I know how). More portals, ads, deals, and heroes seem to be the content they are primarily focused on.
Stow the whole, “it’s a business” argument they’ve more than made their money’s worth. Throwing the community a bone and maybe focusing on some heavily requested features that ACTUALLY work without being a money sink would be sweet.
I’ve gotten over ever expecting them to do anything right. I stay for the playerbase.


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