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Everyone should have at least one character for ingame nick to avoid weird app behavior???

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They do, it looks like. It’s that little symbol in between “attack” and “right” in the second image.


That seems to be sth like a placeholder coming from the app. Look at the other pics.


I’d be surprised if it’s a placeholder. Much more likely to be a character that displays in the text box but not in the name box. They probably have different rendering routines.

Either way, though, there should be a requirement for one printable character :slight_smile:


No visible char on the battlefield, too.


That’s not even fair

Doesn’t really matter, since you’re not allowed to search for player names anyway, but could possibly harm some functions.

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I think they’re using the same core rendering routine all those places. It’s only text boxes that use the alternate routine (which is probably a canned text display routine).

I’m guessing that rendering routine has some limitations. It is actually very likely that the issue this person is experiencing is caused by the same limitation:

There appears to be a character that’s part of the name, but which the normal rendering algorithm can’t display.


This may be a font rendering issue.


A man has No Name. :smile:


My case is easy to fix. Replacing 2 letters would be enough but Im not gonna spend another 500 to do it. That just seems unfair.

Replacing S and A with regular capitol letters would close the case. 丂.千.ㄖ.尺.卂 changed into S.千.ㄖ.尺.A

Thanks for Your answer anyway.

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We fought an opponent in war who had no name. It just showed blank, so we started calling him blank.

I had posted about it at the time and other players (moderators, too), said it wasn’t required to have a name.

I couldn’t understand how it would be allowed. When you put in a support ticket, you are required to put your exact game name.

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