Issue my accoun

Right my account has gone its in limbo has been for over a week!
Don’t understand why my Google play account didn’t recognise my account!
@KiraSG can you help
I basically know my old account number to the game! You sent me stuff, when I won the competition.
@Petri too
Iv tried logging into face book etc
My phone died and had to change from apple to andriod
Others please don’t comment don’t need Sympathy
If you can talk to me directly that be great help thank you

Open a support case. SGG is closed until next tuesday, though.


Sent 3 support tickets dude no luck

I’m talking to a robot not a real person

  1. Borrow an apple device from someone
  2. login with your apple id
  3. install the game and make sure it’s your own account
  4. Do this
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Dude thanks but nothing works my email n apple has somehow jonesed belive have tried!
Tried it all no idea why It didn’t work.
I know my account for my old account that’s all iv really got.

All Support tickets are handled by people, we do not have automated Support (robots). Please do not send multiple Support tickets on the same issue - this will not help you and will only slow down our response time. We do everything we can to help get people back into their accounts as quickly as possible, but if you have forgotten your email or login to an Apple or Google account, Player Support cannot help you.


Please note that sharing/selling accounts is strictly prohibited:

If you are trouble contacting support, please read the following instructions:

I’m closing this topic as we cannot handle individual support requests on the forum.