[issue] can't start new trainings in academy until all collected

How on earth should I get rid of all those feeders to start new trainings?

Is it by design?

I’d like to get more ready, but won’t collect em now.

I’ve done this - twice. It’s something you have to watch out for. Once training is done, you are stuck until you use all those new heroes.

It may not be a big, but hard to call it a feature either. Would be nice to add more training, but the game is not set up this way currently.

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Wait. Is Hero Academy similar to Training Camp in that you can only use one level for training? I thought it was similar to Alchemy Lab where you can transmute a max of 3.

I don’t know.
Only went 2 lvl 3, researched and started training.

Now I have 487 2* and have to collect all to do anything else with my academy.

It would be possible to start another training abd/or research.

I’m sorry. Didn’t realize this was a post on the hero academy. Read too fast.

I would assume the hero academy would behave the same way, but am not certain as I never tried it. However, you should be able to have two recipes. I’m not sure at which level that unlocks though. Let me see if I can find out.

Here’s the answer to parallel recipes.


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