Isso e o que acontece e.tao fácil bloquear um tópico

Good Morning So today I make it clear that I got too discouraged with the game .I’m putting my 3 accounts up for sale . Let’s think a bit, among the first against titans there I am with the 3 accounts no spoils or accession items, invested in revenge is no longer lost to an organized defense and Yes for a board like the fast-active mana heroes, if it were the first time all is well, but six attempts, win one or neither None get discouraged, this war is the worst part , 6 team with a power greater than 3,700 fail to make 150 points in 5 consecutive wars , sorry but it was already ridiculous CT 20 to train 96 heroes in 3 camps so I didn’t get any legendary this and 32 heroes per field, 64 days of waiting. Then I want to get a damn game and Tell me that and anyway I’ll send you to the middle of hell

So good bye then…hope you know that you are not allowed to sell your account. Have a nice life and best wishes from me.


Kkkkkkkk If we do not sell at a key we appliance writing delete ok

Try it :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:


:smile: :smile: You haven’t given me reasons yet

Please note that account selling is against Terms of Service. I will close this topic.