🦹‍♂ Isrod – 5* Fire/ Red from League of Villains


Who are you talking about? This thread is about Isrod and he’s not out yet???

Yes he is, all the Villains heroes were available during the last event.

Oh, my bad. :pensive: (didn’t pull for Villains)

Have him up to +12 now. Experimented with him and he is good if you like riposte.
I kept forgetting that he hits for damage as well since he is the only riposte hero I have used that does (Boril early days and more recently Sif). Good attack stat so even though his percentage damage is low, the absolute number is decent.
As with Sif, Isrod gives decent tile damage which was always what was troubling about Boril if down to last heroes.
The mana gain helps, it isn’t as strong as I had hoped but every little extra helps.
Am trying out some other heroes at the moment and would like to test him on defense once he has more emblems. I don’t believe he will be better than the current setup. My defenses are always vulnerable to dispellers as I am buff heavy and that would be the knock on him in defense.

I like riposte a lot so do not regret giving him the rings. He does not fit everyone’s playstyle so be sure you LIKE this method of playing (fire and invite the enemy to hit you) before feeding him the rings.

I have him at 4.80 +19 and he is still one of my favorite heroes. I use him almost everywhere. I also instantly noticed that as soon as I had him levelled and with a handful of emblems, my defense team started winning more with him as tank than it previously had done. Not by a huge amount but there was a noticeable increase in green numbers.

I still think his reflect should be buffed a little. 80% is very low for such a rare 5*, but other than that I am really grateful for having him.

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