ISO War/Raid Defense Team Strategy

My current war/raid defense team (L-R) is:

  • Kiril - 4-70
  • Khagan - 4-80
  • Frida - 4-80 (tank)
  • Vivica - 4-80
  • Seshat - 4-80

I have Kiril and Vicica in there for healing and dispelling, and attack/defense bonuses.
Khagan is slow but hits really hard to multiple opposing heroes.
Frida also hits hard to multiple opposing heroes and dispels buffs.
Likewise for Seshat on the dispelling, I really like her minions as well.

What I’m wanting to know is how to configure the above team most effectively for a war/raid defense team.

I also have the following and am not necessarily committed to the above lineup if it would be better to make a switch:

  • Red: Scarlett 4-70, Boldtusk 4-70, Colen 4-70, Wilbur 4-70
  • Dark: Domitia 3-70, Rigard 4-70
  • Holy: Wu Kong 4-70, Hu Tao 4-70, Chao 4-70
  • Green: LJ, Skittleskull, Melendor, Gadeirus
  • Blue: Thorne 3-70, Sonya 4-70

Does your alliance run blue tanks for war?

Kiril should not be on one team with Vivica and Khagan since his +30% defence can overwrite their +63% defence, which is a big disadvantage for your team.

If you have to run a blue tank, then you could try Seshat-Khagan-Frida-Vivica-Scarlett. Not ideal, but that’s the best team order I could come up with.


If you have to run Blue Tank for Wars I would suggest:

Melendor -> Khagan -> Frida -> Vivica -> Seshat

Problem (from my opinion/ perspective) is that there is very little synergy between the heroes shown here… Too many slow heroes & not enough speed/ snipers.

Best case scenario I can suggest would be (when maxed):
Melendor -> Seshat -> Vivica -> Domitia -> Frida

Frida isn’t great on the wing but…

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No we haven’t coordinated tank color yet, but we discussed it as a strategy going forward.

Thanks for advice. I see I need more speed on defense.

Thank you, haven’t used Melendor in defense recently. Going to sub him on your suggestion and see how it goes.

My war / raid team is
Obakan 4 80
Magni 4 80
Marjana 4 80
Sartana 4 80
Melendor 4 70

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