Isarnia's mana charging issue

Today I observed a strang issue. I was farming in Season 1 12-9. On the 2nd screen I noticed that a match of blue tiles didn’t charge Isarnia as I expected. On the final screen I matched another 3 blue and Isarnia didn’t get charged again. I made screenshots for next two blue matches.
First match (see marked tiles in upper right corner)

After the match

Notice that Isarnia’s mana didn’t change.

After the second match:

I’m on Android Version 26.0.3 build 1223

My team and troops:

Problem is that consequent attempts to reproduce the bug in the same map with the same team failed and Isarnia charged as expected.

Possibly you’ve been punished for not matching 3 purple tiles for an immediate end. :wink:

If it won’t happen again, forget about that small calculation error.

Indeed. Or rather for not using already charged Quintus or Kadilen. :sunglasses:

Of course I will. But I thought it’s worth mentioning this bug just in case.


Best Bet is to lodge a support ticket with the screenshots:


Edit: the screenshots do suggest it is Legit. I have flagged it to SGG staff attention :slight_smile:


I had the same thing happen to me while doing a revenge to a previous raid except that Isarnia did charge, but Ariel who has the level 23 mana troops didn’t. I had Alby far left followed by Magni, Isarnia, Sonya and Ariel. All blues charged with mana including Isarnia, but not Ariel. Funny thing was that after that she did begin to charge.

In case you think I simply didn’t realize I had used Ariel, I was charging the mana of all the blue heroes including Isarnia before using them because I needed to remove the effects of Zeline, so I was waiting for her to fully charge. Once everyone was full I looked and Ariel’s mana bar was close to empty. Very strange indeed and it has occurred only that one time.

Not the first time we experience mana charging issues. Remember not long ago those annoying mana fluctuations, which first dropped your mana and then charged it back, basically leaving you with the same amount of mana you had before the match was done? Strange… There’s nothing more irritating than having your mana messed with…

@SuuriKoira Could you share the exact time and date then this happened?

Now that answers the question why my heroes’ mana do not charge at the same time while doing some raiding earlier. It is a bug.

@Petri, it was on Feb 17, 2020 10:23 EST

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