Isarnia, Thorne, or Miki?

I’ve been holding off leveling a blue 5* forever, hoping that something really good would appear. It hasn’t and I now have 13 scopes. Time to act. I’ll give my thinking on each of the options, and hopefully you all can guide me.

(1) Isarnia. I realize this is probably the consensus choice, but she’s slow and squishy. I’ve just never seen the appeal. The defense down would be great, but I have Grimm at +18. Would she be that much of an improvement over him?

(2) Thorne. I know, I know lots of haters. But others who have him say that after his many buffs he’s actually okay now.

(3) Miki. He’s great and I use him against everything but purple and green titans (I think that’s right) where I use Ranvir. But Miki is just fine at 3.70 for the 8-9 star titans we face and I don’t use him anywhere else b/c slow.

My only blue 5* is Magni +4. My other leveled 5s are Seshat, Ranvir, Black Knight, Anzogh, Hatter, and Kingston. I have pretty much all the 4s, except for Buddy.

So what should I do, oh wise ones? In terms of priorities I guess I’d rank them as: Titans, tournaments, wars, events? I’m leaning towards Isarnia, but can’t say i’m excited about it

I’d do miki… obviously the titan damage is exquisite. But the silence was helpful on the last stages of the wonderland event for me.

Grimm will do the D drop until you get lucky with Athena.

Thorne. Ick.


Thorne can hit like a brick outhouse when he actually gets to fire his special. It’s actually getting to fire that is the problem. But you already have Magni, Seshat and Kingston so you’re not short of firepower.

I agree on Miki. He adds support to the other heroes. Boosting normal attack is not insignificant in raid attacks. Plus, you will eventually be moving up to 9-10* and higher titans, right?


I also in the same dilemma, I already maxed Magni, and Miki 3.70 and Thorne 1.1, but I do not have Isarnia.
In my situation, currently I still level my other 4*, thats also because my scope is 5 currently :sweat_smile:, so one more left.

I wonder if Thorne’s costume will be better with special skills, I know the odd of getting 5* costume is very low though.

Me too…

This, and also help me at Wonderland and Pirate Event, even he is at 3.70.

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Interesting—I did not expect so many votes for Miki. @jinbatsu Isarnia has a costume as well, but I didn’t get it :rofl: What do you think you’ll do? I tried so hard during Atlantis for a better blue — no luck.

@GiveMeEmblems, Isarnia is not sturdy and slow, she is not my playstyle, but she is no.1 attack stat just like Elena, so for Titan tile damage is great. The costume version boost is not so significant for her def/hp.

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869 attack stat!? Wow. That would definitely outdo all of my other heroes. The closest I have been able to get to that are Triton and Grimm

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Offense - Isarnia
Defense - Thorne
Titans - Miki + Isarnia


I have all 3 maxed.
Miki is my bet. Event and Titan master. Great at 70 huge at 80.
Isarnia and Thorne are both ok in sum. Not more.


Just max miki and don’t think twice. He’s the best titan specialist in the game. There’s a titan everyday. That’s your greatest source of ascension mats.


Miki. Do not waste your scopes by not using it on Miki. Isarnia is next.

Definitely Miki first. Isarnia second (unless you get a better option).

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