Isarnia or Thorne

That’s a good way of thinking about it. Raid defense is uway* down my list of priorities. Offenses (and player technique) has gotten so good that it’s not plausible to hold top 100 for more than an hour. It’s a good night if I’m still,over 2600 in the morning. (Actually, I’m happiest when I’m below 2500 to start, as it makes filling my chest all the easier.)

Frida created a space for Thorne: a Frida-Thorne 1-2 hit is very effective on raid/war offense. With emblems, he’s pretty effective on defense, too, though he doesn’t pose any special risk.

You didn’t waste nothing. Stop trash talking. Some heroes need to be paired to be strong, try to pair Thorne with Grimm or Frida and you will see the result. Same with Anzogh, pair him with Boldtusk or Wilbur or both, you will be amazed what a combo can do.

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I kind of thought Thorne and Richard might be half-giants or something, not full humans.
(I wonder if Ice Giant Huntress Alasie makes them uncomfortable?)

But back to gameplay, Isarnia all day.

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Got both at 80. And a miki at 80 plus a 70 grimm with emblems. Poor red titans tsk tsk

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I didn’t realize until now that I didn’t say rush war. I went with Isarnia whom I’ve had for a while at 3-70 I leveled her now and going to use as an hero on my rush defense team which is now in this order Vivica Quintus Heimdall Isarnia and Azlar. I know her shield is weak but next to a green tank I think she will be okay

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